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There is strength in numbers. Each year, gifts of all sizes from students combine with those of alumni and friends to have a tremendous impact on you, your peers and your college experience. From scholarships to new programs and everything in between, generous donors help make Vanderbilt one of the best places in the nation to learn, live and grow.

Don't wait until you graduate to be counted among our important community of support. By making a gift of any size to the area of Vanderbilt that means the most to you, you can join our worldwide network of alumni to have an impact on your school, your favorite student organization, Athletics and thousands of other areas of campus.

Seniors Give Back

Few traditions are as time-honored as seniors giving back to Vanderbilt financially before they graduate. It's an effort that dates back to 1915, when 150 seniors pledged to give a total of $15,000 to Vanderbilt. The Class of 2024 will continue this tradition. Consider a gift of $20.24 to honor your time at Vanderbilt and pay it forward to ensure future students have access to the same opportunities you've had-and more!

Vanderbilt's Class of 2023

Seniors Give Back is proud to announce that Vanderbilt's Class of 2023 was able to secure a strong participation rate among seniors. These generous gifts from individual students have helped to build a unique legacy that will last far beyond our years at Vanderbilt. Thank you to each and every student that made a gift, large or small. Let's help make the Class of 2024 another success by making your Seniors Give Back gift of any size now!

Stay Connected

  • Update your contact information so you can receive invitations for Welcome Parties, Networking Nights and other news and events for your new city.
  • Connect with the Vanderbilt Chapter near you and network with fellow Commodores, attend events and give back-all in the name of Vanderbilt.
  • Create your digital class book page to share your favorite campus memories and future plans.
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