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The Seattle Vanderbilt Chapter is an up-and-coming group that blends the best of the Pacific Northwest with a little Southern charm. We have a very diverse group of alumni and friends from all over the country with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, but with one common thread that is Vanderbilt. The Chapter has no dues and is not just for alumni; we welcome families, parents and friends of Vanderbilt. Please join us as we celebrate Vanderbilt and enjoy Seattle together!

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    I absolutely love the restaurants in Fremont and Ballard. The "main street" areas in both neighborhoods are full of quirky shops, awesome eats and culture. The true feeling of Seattle really comes out in all the unique neighborhoods-there are more than 30! '15

    Seattle is a city of neighborhoods, and each one has a unique vibe. Try to get a feel for a couple of them before you choose your apartment/house/condo if you can. Public transportation between city neighborhoods is pretty solid, though, so don't fret too much about finding the perfect location. Young people tend to live in Capitol Hill, Fremont, Ballard or South Lake Union. All of these areas are stocked with coffee shops, restaurants and fun activities, so you really can't go wrong. '17

    It doesn't rain as much as you might think. There are lots of young and vibrant professionals with Amazon and Microsoft being headquartered here. '13

    Capitol Hill, Fremont, and Ballard are great places to live as a young person in Seattle. '20

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