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Welcome to the New Orleans Vanderbilt Chapter! The New Orleans area has more than 600 alumni and we strive to offer opportunities for you to reconnect with Vanderbilt and with each other. Our Chapter, which is open to all Vanderbilt alumni, families and friends in the area, offers Vanderbilt sports viewing parties, happy hours, wine tastings and more. We are currently looking for new volunteers to help lead our Chapter and plan events. If you are interested in participating please contact us.

We hope to see you at our future events!

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    New Orleans

    Go to all the local events, festivals and parties. You have to dive into this city head first! '13

    New Orleans is one of the most diverse and happening cities of its size that I've ever seen. There are major, free festivals practically every weekend, so make a calendar for yourself of all the opportunities available to you. It's a small community so you start running into people everywhere you go. Don't forget to go to the swamp, take a jaunt around Baton Rouge, catch beads at Mardi Gras, eat delicious Louisiana cooking and dress up in costumes for everything. '12

    Food - Mais Arepas (Colombian), St. James Cheese Co. (CHEESE! And sandwiches), Commander's Palace (for splurges), Pizza Domenica (half-price pizzas during happy hour), Dong Phuong (super cheap for a giant bowl of pho).

    Free events: there's a festival literally every weekend - it's not just Mardi Gras, and almost all of them are family-friendly (or at least PG), and if you have a car (which you don't even need in the city), you can drive up to Baton Rouge or to a strawberry fest in Ponchatoula!

    • Join the young professionals association, 504ward. When they send out emails for giveaways, sign up! Apparently no one else does because I keep winning. Seriously.
    • I love New Orleans. It's a city of history and pride, where there are troubling issues around race, poverty and education like many cities, but often the will to face them. I love the attitude of laissez le bon temps rouler and a confluence of French, Spanish and American history with all the new infusions coming to the city every day. '12
    • Don't bring a nice car. It will not stay a nice car. '19

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