Utilize the Career Adviser Network

Visit and revisit the Career Adviser Network to locate professionals in industries, organizations and/or locations that interest you - these volunteers may be willing to impart career advice that helps you on your journey!

As an alumnus/a, you can take advantage of all that there is to offer within the Career Adviser Network. Also learn more about signing up to be a member of the Career Adviser Network. As a Career Adviser, you'll be able to make a big impact without a big time commitment by offering advice about your career path to current students at Vanderbilt.

As a current student, you can search the Career Adviser Network to discover and connect with alumni in your area of interest. When you become an alumnus/a, consider joining our Career Adviser Network to help out your fellow 'Dores.

Get Started

  • Visit the online directory
  • Add the filter, "Willing to serve as a Career Adviser"
  • Consider adding other filters to your search. Examples include, Home City, Employer, and Job Title
  • Run the search, and review your results

Get Connected

Once you've identified adviser(s) of interest:

  • Add them to your Contact List (for multiple inquiries), or select Email Now (for single inquiries)
  • Be sure to follow the guidelines below
  • Remember, when sending an email the inquiries aren't accessible from within the system so keep track of who you have reached out to, and when
  • Any emails are sent on behalf of the email address on file in the system. If the alumnus/a responds, they will respond to the email address

Guidelines for Contacting Alumni Career Advisers

When you've identified an adviser that you would like to contact, please follow the guidelines for contacting career advisers.

  • It is appropriate to ask advisers for networking advice, job/internship search strategies, or even an informational interview, particularly within the adviser's own industry category or job function.
  • The Career Adviser Network is not a job search resource. It is meant to be a networking tool.
  • During your initial contact, there is no need to attach a resume. Introduce yourself, express your reasons for contacting the adviser, and describe what you are seeking to accomplish/learn through the interaction.
  • Choose advisers and make contact with a specific purpose in mind. Ahead of your initial contact, make a plan. Think about what you will ask. Be able to clearly articulate what you are looking for and how the adviser may be able to help you.
  • Research the adviser's company or organization. Be able to demonstrate knowledge about their employer when you make your initial contact.

Check out these additional guidelines for successful outreach.

Your privacy is important to us. To alter your directory listing, simply edit your profile and adjust accordingly.


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