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Week 1 – April 24, 2015

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Ironically, on Monday I had no idea that this would be happening this week. I had decided I would work out a little and sort of kick off the week. I stayed late after work and just biked on the machines at VRWC. I went about 6 miles and felt pretty tired. I had worked the weekend before and was still pretty tired so I didn’t really want to push myself.

Earlier that day, I ran into my coworker Jennifer. (If you have not been to the VRWC and met Jennifer, you are missing out. She is fearless, funny, and doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her. She is a hippie at heart and is pretty cool if I do say so myself.) Jennifer had just come back from one of our fitness classes. She was raving on and on about how she was going to have buns of steel and she was gonna make it happen. I laughed and jokingly said that I couldn’t do those classes because I’m not in good shape yet. Oh, how I wish that you all could have seen the look Jennifer gave me when I said that. She immediately suggested we take a class together. I really tried to fight her on it. We were supposed to have a meeting early the next morning and I was going to a play that evening. Eventually, I gave in (mostly because she suggested a dance class and I love that sort of thing) and we decided to take a Cardio Dance the next day.


I got to work and was immediately worried that I looked weird. Normally, I shower in the morning before work so I was nervous that the shower the night before wouldn’t cut it. But everyone seemed fine and didnt seem to notice. Last minute, Jennifer and I were scheduled to go to a event planning meeting 30 minutes before our scheduled Dance Cardio class. Secretly inside I was hoping we would have to miss the class. I wasn’t sure how I would do in a room full of people. I didnt want to look stupid after all! I’m less than 8 weeks into the job. I can’t be lookin a fool just yet…. But Jennifer sped up the meeting and got us to class just 5 minutes late.

Much to my surprise, I LOVED Dance Cardio. The hour flew by and I didn’t notice how hard I was working. She played great music and kept us all energized throughout the class. I felt like a boss when I kept up and I felt great afterward. And I came to the realization that I didn’t really notice anyone else in the class, so why would they notice me? I immediately told Jennifer that I would like to do that class every week. And as soon as we got back to our desks, Jennifer started sending classes for each day this week. And so began my 5 days a week workout routine.


I got up Wednesday morning and could not believe how sore I was. I hurt every where, but my back was killing me. I told Jennifer that we needed a class to stretch everything out so we settled on yoga.

Now, I took yoga in college so I thought I would be decent. But this was stuff I had never done in my college days. Some of it was confusing and I got lost as to what she was talking about a couple times. But both Jennifer and the instructor were helpful and made sure to make me feel comfortable. And while I may not have been sweating very hard (like I would experience the next day), I got my heart rate up and felt my muscles start to strengthen. The yoga had done the job. After the class, I was sore but overall much better than before. My back had eased in pain and I felt comfortable taking another class on Thursday.


By Thursday, my metabolism had started to kick. I was so hungry all the time! But I tried to make mindful decisions on what I was choosing. No, I haven’t been counting calories to the exact amount yet. But I was trying to choose foods that would sustain me and keep me from eating everything within reach. I also realized I drinking more water than normal. Usually, I can go throughout the day and drink one, maybe two, camelbak water bottles. But I was drinking one or two in just the morning now. My body was trying to rebuild itself and I wanted to make sure I was helping.

My body was also freakin exhausted. I slept through my alarms Thursday morning and woke up suddenly realizing I was for sure going to be late to work. Apparently my body is not used to all the rebuilding I was putting it through.

Jennifer and I had decided that Thursday would be Cardio Chisel day. I read the description on our website and it didn’t sound too bad. If I had known the pain, I wouldn’t mentally prepared myself more. The class itself was AWESOME. We did did rotations of exercises and covered several muscle groups. I discovered that burpies made me want to kill something.  At one point, I almost passed out from getting up and down so much. And I know I looked ridiculous. But the pain almost made me want to keep going. I wanted to prove to myself that I could keep going. And I’ve been trying to do planks for about 2 weeks now. I was so proud to do several sets of 20 second planks. I wanted to high five everyone in the freakin class (so instead I high-fived Jennifer).

The instructor was FABULOUS. She showed and demonstrated every level of modification and constantly made sure everyone was doing ok. She was fun, pleasant, and so accommodating. But boy oh boy did I feel that class. My thighs were pissed. I was tired, sweaty, nasty-looking, and everything throbbed as I walked. But I felt like a boss. I had done it and that’s all that mattered to me. I had pushed through and made it happen. I felt accomplished and proud of myself.…but I also felt like crap. So when I talked to the instructor after the class (Jennifer and I introduce ourselves after the class since we want them to get to know us) and said I did a beautiful job, I cried like a baby. It felt so good for someone to notice my struggle and see my keep going anyway. I had felt bad about how I looked for quite awhile. Growing up, I didn’t really have the best health habits. So I was learning everything I could while working at VRWC. I had worked at other companies before and was always “too swamped” to workout after work. I was putting in long hours and fell asleep almost instantly each night when I got home. But walking out of my office and having everything I need to get in shape sitting right there made it so I had no excuse. It felt good to have someone who knows nothing about me send me that encouragement and support (btw…I’m a words of affirmation person as my love language if you can’t tell).

My co-workers have also been so encouraging. They’ve asked me each day when I come back from a class how it went or how I’m feeling. They have given advice on stretches, things to eat, and things to be careful of throughout the day. I can’t help but feel like everyone is sort of cheering me on as I do this.


I had talked to my boyfriend on his way into work this morning (he lives in another state so we do long distance most of the week. However, I get to see him some weekends. This weekend will be one of those weekends.), and told him I was for sure going to need a massage when I came over this weekend. He laughed and promised he would ease my pain. He talked about how proud he was of me and how he knew I was working so hard. He even said he would cook me dinner tonight since he knew how tired I was. He is a keeper yall :)

I felt pretty bad today when I got into work. I felt tired and everything hurt. Normally, just climbing up to my third floor apartment was painful. But today, climbing down the stairs hurt. My thighs were not used to this kind of daily tear down and build up. So, when Jennifer came to me and said she wasn’t feeling Zumba today, I happily obliged. But I also knew I had told myself I would work out 5 days this week and I was determined to do so. (I guess you could say I’m kind of stubborn). So Jennifer and I did a ten minute bike warm up and then let Wade, a VRWC fitness associate, show us some weights to help targe specific areas we want to work on.

I have a lower back injury (nerve damage) so I wanted to build up my lower back to help support while also working on mid-back (since that was still killing me from cardio dance on Tuesday). He showed us kettlebells, ropes, TRX (which I am not very good at since I don’t trust my body to support me but I’ll work on that), some free weights, and a couple weight machines. While we didn’t get many reps in, we focused on form so Jennifer and I could do it on our own. The ropes are pretty difficult, but you look like a boss doing them. And when Jennifer was ready to leave, I stayed an extra 10 minutes on the bike just for good measure. I wanted to be sure I felt good about what I had done that day.

…because I’m not doing anything but get massages this weekend ;)