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Vanderbilt Policies

Vanderbilt Policies

Is gender identity and expression a protected category by the University?
Yes. Vanderbilt University, as a whole, includes gender identity and expression in its Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Policy against discrimination. Please report any form of discrimination and/or harassment to the office of Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action, and Disability Services (EAD).

What is Vanderbilt’s Non-discrimination policy and how does it apply to student organization membership?
Vanderbilt Universities non-discrimination policy is an “all comers” policy, under which all students are presumed to be eligible for membership in registered student organizations (“RSO”) and all members of RSOs in good standing are eligible to compete for leadership positions.  The University has no role in selecting leaders of RSOs; that is for the members of each organization to decide for themselves. Therefore students are permitted to join any RSO regardless of their gender identity and/or gender expression.

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