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Getting Involved

Getting Involved

Student Organizations & Getting Involved on Campus

What is Vanderbilt’s Non-discrimination policy and how does it apply to student organization membership?
Vanderbilt Universities non-discrimination policy is an “all comers” policy, under which all students are presumed to be eligible for membership in registered student organizations (“RSO”) and all members of RSOs in good standing are eligible to compete for leadership positions.  The University has no role in selecting leaders of RSOs; that is for the members of each organization to decide for themselves.

Therefore students are permitted to join any RSO regardless of their gender identity and/or gender expression.

Does the University’s nondiscrimination policy permit single-sex fraternities and sororities? 
Yes.  The University’s policy explicitly incorporates and follows Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972, which allows for single-sex social fraternities and sororities.


Does the University’s nondiscrimination policy permit single-sex registered student organizations other than fraternities and sororities?
As noted, the University’s policy incorporates and follows Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972.  In addition to fraternities and sororities, Title IX provides for certain other single-sex groups.  Title IX also permits singing groups to establish requirements based on vocal range or quality that may result in single-sex choruses.  But such groups must permit all interested students to try out.  Single-sex intramural sports teams are allowed pursuant to Title IX where selection for such teams is based upon competitive skill or where the activity involved is a contact sport.


Are there Trans* specific and/or Trans* inclusive groups, organizations, or events at Vanderbilt?

International Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR)
November 20th

Share. Learn. Commemorate. Join the Vanderbilt and Nashville community in commemoration of the lives lost to anti-transgender violence.

Trans* Pride Week
LGBTQI Life’s annual Trans* Pride Week celebration happens each spring semester.

LGBTQI Student Organizations on Campus
All of the LGBTQI student organizations on campus are Trans* inclusive visit the LGBTQI student groups page to learn more about each of these organizations!

LGBTQI Life Programs
LGBTQI Life offers several educational, social, and cultural programs throughout the academic year please visit the LGBTQI Life home page and look under the program tab for a list and more information about all of these great programs!