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Transfer Students

Welcome to Vanderbilt! We are excited that you have decided to make VU your new campus home. We recognize that transfer students arrive to our campus from the following three

1. I am not a member of a fraternity/sorority but  am interested in seeking membership.

Panhellenic Association
You have two options to seek membership in 1 of our 10 National Panhellenic Conference chapters. You may participate in Upper Class Recruitment known as COB, which stands for Continuous Open Bidding. Please attend the Upper Class Recruitment meeting on September 6th at 5:00 pm to receive information about this process. During the meeting you will fill out a Personal Information Form (PIF) and the Release of Information Consent Card. This process is free of charge. Upper Class Open Houses begin on September 10th. Membership opportunities during COB are limited because every chapter is not eligible or required to participate in the process. The chapters open for new members will give brief presentations at the Upper Class Recruitment Meeting. After visiting Open Houses and meeting many of our active sorority women the chapter will hold invite only recruitment events beginning on September 81 and most chapters will disseminate bids, invitations to join,on September 14. You may receive multiple bids during the COB process.

Informal Recruitment Registration Eligibility Requirements:

1. You may not be on disciplinary probation.

2. You must have at least 12 credits from your previous institution.

3. You must have a 2.5  or above GPA from your previous institution.

4. You must not have been initiated at an NPC chapter as your previous institution.

5. Complete a Personal Information Form. Come prepared with legacy information and your schedule for the week of 9/9 – 9/16.

6. Complete the Release of Information Consent Card.

COB is an informal way to join a Panhellenic sorority at Vanderbilt. There are less chapter options available and your new member class will be significantly smaller but if you make a connection with a chapter and are offered a bid then we encourage you to accept and begin your Panhellenic journey at Vanderbilt.

If you would like to pursue membership during the formal recruitment process you must wait until January. During the formal recruitment process all of our chapters are open for membership.You may participate in both COB and formal recruitment. However, if you accept a bid during COB you become ineligible to participate in the formal recruitment process. For more information on the formal recruitment process click HERE.

If you are interested in formal recruitment please attend the Recruitment Registration meeting on September 6 at 3 pm in the Student Life Center Ballrooms.

For women interested in Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc. and/or Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. you will adhere to a process similar to NPHC (read below). These chapters will also be present at all Panhellenic fall public relations events. Both of these sororities are cultural organizations that serve as Associate members of the Panhellenic

For more information contact: Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc. at Emily Oviedo and Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc.

Questions? Contact Lauren Brooks, VP of Recruitment or Anthony Williams,  Coordinator of Greek Life.

Interfraternity Council (IFC):

Please attend IFC Open Dores on Sunday, September 6 beginning at 2 pm in the Student Life Center Ballrooms. Following this meeting, you will have the opportunity to visit all of the chapters. At this event you will be able to complete the following registration requirements:

  1. Pay the $30.00 registration fee by cash or check payable to Vanderbilt University.
  2. Fill out the Release of Information Consent Card which gives our office and the chapters permission to access your academic records.
  3. Complete the online registration form.

Other eligibility requirements to accept a bid in the fall include:

  1. You may not be on disciplinary probation.
  2. You must have at least 12 credits from your previous institution.
  3. You must have a 2.5  or above GPA from your previous institution.
  4. You must complete 3 hours of community service with the chapter(s) of your choice. You do  not have to do all 3 hours with one chapter. In fact, we encourage you to spread the hours out in order to meet more fraternity members.

You will participate in fall recruitment events alongside first semester freshmen but because of your upper class status are eligible to accept a bid during the fall semester. Every IFC chapters does not take new members during the fall semester. It is your decision whether to accept a bid in the fall or wait until the spring with the possibility of having more opportunities for membership. If your chapter(s) of interest are not extending bids you should still continue to attend recruitment events in order to develop relationships with active members.

Important Tip: If you are seeking to accept a bid in the fall complete your 3 hours of community service as soon as possible and attend chapter recruitment events regularly to increase your chances of fall membership.

If you would like to pursue a bid in the spring then you will have a great head start . Continue attending recruitment events in the fall and make sure you have completed all requirements.

For more information please contact IFC Recruitment Chair, Bill Savage, or Coordinator of Greek Life James Crawford. Also, feel free to contact the Recruitment Chair from chapters of interest to inquire about membership information.

National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC)

NPHC chapters may conduct membership intake in the fall or spring semester. Upper class students may participate during the fall semester. Stop by the Office of Greek Life periodically to see whether a flyer is posted with information about your desired chapter of affiliation. Flyers will be labeled as “Interest Meeting”, “Informational”, “Rush Tea”, or “Meet N’ Greet”. Also, it is beneficial for you to attend programs sponsored by the chapter(s) including the “Back 2 School” Events being held from August 23rd-August 30st.

Interested men and women must have at least a 2.5-3.0 GPA (depending upon the organization), and must not be on disciplinary probation.

It is strongly recommended that you attend Greek Mystique on Tuesday, September 16th at 6pm in the Commons Multipurpose Room. The Commons Multi Purpose Room is on first-year campus.

All students interested in joining an NPHC chapter must attend a mandatory Intake Seminar. Dates are listed on the NPHC Intake Page.

If your chapter of interest does not hold intake in a particular semester, please continue attending chapter events and checking periodically for intake information.

You are encouraged to contact chapter representatives for more information. You may also contact: Anthony Williams,  Coordinator of Greek Life.


2. I’m a member of fraternity/sorority that has a chapter at Vanderbilt.

For all chapters, please contact the chapter president listed on your desired chapter’s page in the Our Chapters section of our website. She/He will assist you in navigating the inter/national organization process for transferring into the Vanderbilt chapter. You can also directly contact the inter/national organization to gain more information about the transfer process. It is helpful to contact the Vanderbilt chapter president to make an initial connection with the chapter members.

Please note that if you do not successfully transfer into your chapter of affiliation or do not desire to become a member of that chapter you are ineligible to be a member of a fraternity/sorority on Vanderbilt’s campus.  You may seek permission to be released from your membership by the inter/national organization.


3. I’m a member of a fraternity/sorority that does not have a chapter at Vanderbilt.

Unless you are granted permission from your inter/national organization to be released from membership in your current affiliation, you will not be able to seek Greek membership at Vanderbilt.

This is the first component of the Panhellenic Compact for Panhellenic women. “ A woman who is or who has ever been an initiated member of an existing NPC fraternity shall not be eligible for membership in another NPC fraternity (UA-2).” Similar policies exist for inter/national organizations in the Interfraternity Council and National Pan-Hellenic Council.

The commitment you make to your fraternity/sorority is a lifelong commitment and only in rare and extenuating circumstances will an organization release you from your membership.

We strongly discourage you from being dishonest about your current Greek affiliation in an attempt to become a member of a chapter at Vanderbilt.

Many Greek-lettered organizations have alumni groups in the area and the Office of Greek Life will assist you in finding members of your fraternity/sorority in the area. We encourage you to remain connected with your fraternity/sorority through alumni involvement and to remember the values of your organization as you experience life at Vanderbilt University.