Curb Scholars become a Super Squad

October 1, 2013

The first day of October brought the Curb Scholars a chance to put on their Halloween costumes a little early.  Executive Director of abrasiveMedia Audra Harvey brought her Super Squad Program to the Curb Center to help Scholars identify the superhero within themselves.   Designed for kids and youth ages 8-14, “Super Squad is an interdisciplinary arts and innovation program utilizing professional artists from the community as teachers and mentors” and allows participants to “explore your own creative super powers and meet real heroes working in your community.”

Audra asked the Curb Scholars to identify watershed moments in their lives—turning points—when they chose to become who they are and when they realized that they had special skills and talents that could be used to help others.  Scholars shared these “origin stories” in small groups and discovered the powers that we each possess to create our own changes in the world.

In three weeks, we will see Audra again as we put on our superhero masks once more and learn how to fly!  We will meet with some Nashville community partners and try our hands at some aerial work a la Cirque du Soleil.  With any luck our Curb Scholar Super Squad will learn to defy gravity, and more importantly, take the risks necessary to become heroes in our own communities.

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