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Q: May I declare more than one business-related minor?

Q. I plan to study abroad or take a course at another institution. May I count courses completed while abroad or at another institution toward the Undergraduate Business Minor?

  • A. For post-matriculation and study abroad courses, no credit toward the Undergraduate Business Minor will be awarded for Fundamentals courses or non-equivalent Business in Society electives.
  • Students may be awarded credit for equivalent Business Pathways electives, equivalent Business in Society electives and one course up to three hours of non-equivalent Business Pathways credit.

Q: What courses transfer toward the Undergraduate Business Minor?

Q: What makes the Undergraduate Business Minor Unique?

  • A: The Undergraduate Business Minor is an opportunity for students to pursue a program that is “Uniquely Vanderbilt.” This trans-institutional program, with elective course options from each of the four undergraduate schools and Fundamentals courses taught by the Owen Graduate School of Management, is designed to complement the strong liberal arts education. For more information, please visit the About page.

Q: Do I need to choose a Business Pathway? Will my Business Pathway appear on my transcript?

  • A: Pathways are not required; rather, students are encouraged to pursue a pathway when it supports their academic interests. The Pathways (informal groupings of classes) will not appear on your transcript.

Q: How many unique courses do I need for the Undergraduate Business Minor? Is it possible to share classes for my business minor with other majors or minors?

Q: May I take elective and Fundamentals courses for this minor without declaring it?

  • Yes.

Q: What courses satisfy the statistics prerequisite for the BUS 1600 (formerly 2600), BUS 1300 (formerly 2300), and BUS 1700 (formerly 2700) Fundamentals courses?

  • A: ECON 1500, ECON 1510, MATH 1011, MATH 2810, MATH 2820, MATH 2821, PSYCH 2100, PSY-PC 2110, SOC 2100, or BME 2400.

Q: What course satisfies the microeconomics prerequisite for BUS 1100 (formerly 2100) and BUS 1700 (formerly 2700)?

  • A: ECON 1020 Principles of Microeconomics

Q: May I take multiple Fundamentals courses concurrently?

  • A: Yes. Students may take two fundamentals and/or elective modules per mod period (half semester).

Q: If I have a question for my unique set of circumstances that is not addressed on this site, who should I contact?

  • A: Your school’s Associate Dean or use our Contact Page.

Q. Is there a minimum GPA required for completion of the Undergraduate Business Minor?

  • A. Yes. Students must achieve an overall GPA of 2.0 in courses counted toward the Undergraduate Business Minor.

Q. I am a transfer student. Will courses I have completed at another institution be eligible to count toward the Undergraduate Business Minor?

  • A. Credit may be awarded at the discretion of the Director of the Undergraduate Business Minor. Transfer students should follow the standard course review process and direct any questions about a specific course to the Director.

Q. How do I contact the office of the Undergraduate Business Minor?