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The Hoogland Undergraduate Business Program is an opportunity for students to pursue a program that is “Uniquely Vanderbilt.” This trans-institutional program, with elective course options from each of the four undergraduate schools and fundamentals courses taught by the Owen Graduate School of Management, is designed to complement the strong liberal arts education.

The minor, in the spirit of the Academic Strategic Plan, offers students a wide variety of courses.

The structure of the minor is based in five Fundamentals courses led by Owen Graduate School of Management faculty. These courses include Organizational Behavior, Essentials of Financial Reporting, Principles of Finance, Managing Operations, and Principles of Marketing. These are half semester courses designed to provide students with a solid foundation of general business disciplines.

To address diverse student interests, students may select three electives (9 hours) from among more than 70 courses available through the four undergraduate schools.

Seven optional Business Pathways, or informal groupings of courses, exist should a student want to focus in a particular area within the minor. Students must pick at least two of their electives from one or more pathways. The pathways include:

•    Entrepreneurship
•    Ethics
•    Finance and Accounting
•    Marketing and Advertising
•    Operations
•    Organizational Effectiveness
•    Strategy

Students may count one elective from a unique group of “Business in Society” courses. These elective courses connect the minor to the liberal curriculum.

Students may take two fundamentals and/or elective modules per mod period (half semester), allowing students to complete up to four fundamentals and/or elective modules in a semester.