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Business Organizations



180 Degrees Consulting

180 Degrees Consulting strives to ensure that non-profits and social enterprises committed to education, health, and poverty alleviation can reach their full potential by developing innovative solutions using the expertise of its student members.

Alpha Kappa Psi (Omega Nu Chapter)
Alpha Kappa Psi at Vanderbilt is an elite undergraduate organization that promotes brotherhood and professional development amongst Vanderbilt’s future business leaders. Our brothers share a passion for business and a dedication to excellence. 

Commodore Capital Group

Commodore Capital Group aims to serve as the bridge between Vanderbilt students and their career in private financial markets through our pillars of Education, Immersion, and Network.

Delta Sigma Pi
To prepare Vanderbilt Students to be successful in the business world, during and beyond college, as well as to provide a networking system within and outside of the Vanderbilt community. Aim to connect students with strong business interest in order to foster new opportunities, personal growth, and lifelong friendships.

Financial Modeling Club

The Financial Modeling Club (FMC) is a club whose primary activity is an 8-week course that teaches Excel skills to Vanderbilt students regardless of prior experience. The class will start with an excel crash course and then continue to cover models such as a three-statement model, DCF, and public comps model, among others. The club has weekly hour-long meetings. The goal of the organization is to help students understand how Microsoft Excel is used in the business world and prepare students with the Excel skills necessary to be successful in a diverse set of careers.

Phi Chi Theta

Be it known that the mission of Phi Chi Theta, a national professional fraternity, is to: Provide an opportunity to develop and practice those professional leadership skills and abilities necessary to succeed in the business community; Provide a local and national network to share resources, ideas and concepts; Instill in its membership those values, codes and creeds which will enable participation in a rapidly changing world; and Enable members to develop the business astuteness necessary to achieve high esteem and success in their chosen fields.

Product Space

Product Space @ Vanderbilt was founded in Spring 2021 to cultivate tomorrow’s product leaders by providing Vanderbilt with a product community dedicated to the intersection of business and technology. New products are the lifeblood of any company and the cornerstone of any economy. We teach students from all backgrounds how to create and analyze Products and offer a Space for students to apply their skills in product management.

Rem & Company
A social impact initiative that offers free consulting services to businesses in the Nashville area.

Students Consulting for Nonprofit Organizations

(SCNO) is Vanderbilt’s student-led nonprofit consulting group. We’re a service organization that works on challenging problems with Nashville-based nonprofits and social enterprises each year to help them achieve their missions and goals. Since 2013, we’ve served over 40 organizations in our community while providing Vandy students the opportunity to gain experience in the social impact space and develop invaluable professional skills.


The mission of TAMID Group at Vanderbilt is to expand the network and professional skills of all members through interactions with the Israeli economy. TAMID Group unites students of like interests and provides them with exceptional consulting and investing experience that will well prepare them for any future professional endeavors. We aim to develop the next generation of entrepreneurs and professionals through a customized education program and to promote strong and effective leadership skills within each of our members.

Vanderbilt Asian Pre-Professional Society

Our mission is to grow a global network of highly motivated student leaders who seek to impact Vanderbilt and the greater business community. We want to foster a tight-knit community focused on developing professional and leadership skills for success. We welcome students of all majors and interests to join our club in order to develop their professional skills.

Vanderbilt Blockchain

Vanderbilt Blockchain aims to better inform the Vanderbilt population about blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies while providing hands-on learning opportunities to get involved with live projects. Our monthly speaker series is a great way to get started and is open to everyone. We have a research committee where students can learn both fundamental and technical analysis skills and help create the Vanderbilt Blockchain Token Index. We also run a development committee where cohorts of students can learn blockchain-related programming languages, join hackathons, and find jobs. Finally, our new content committee is focused on building our online presence and sharing our research with the world.

Vanderbilt Business and Medicine Club

We aim to provide Vanderbilt’s pre-med students with experiential learning opportunities to explore diverse applications of medicine outside of a traditional healthcare setting. The organization will host workshops, panel discussions, and unique exploratory events to promote new skill sets and career paths to further understand the interconnectedness of business and medicine.

Vanderbilt Finance Club

Vanderbilt’s premier undergraduate organization for securing a job in finance.

 Vanderbilt Innovation and Entrepreneurship Society

VINES, the Vanderbilt Innovation and Entrepreneurship Society, is a community and an educational resource for students from Vanderbilt University with interest in entrepreneurship or innovation.

 Vanderbilt Investment Club

The Vanderbilt Investment Club (VIC) aims to serve as an educational experience for undergraduates who look to develop experience in investing and financial markets, by actively managing an equity-only portfolio.

Vanderbilt Undergraduate Real Estate Club

The purpose of the Vanderbilt Undergraduate Real Estate Club (VUREC) is to develop a robust understanding of the commercial real estate industry, connect with local, national, and international real estate firms and prepare undergraduate students for a career in the real estate industry.

Vanderbilt Out in Business

(VOIB) serves as a hub for undergraduate students at Vanderbilt who both identify with the LGBTQ+ community and harbor a keen interest in business, economics, mathematics, entrepreneurship and beyond

 Vanderbilt Undergraduate Consulting Club

Vanderbilt Undergraduate Consulting Club (VUCC) fosters deep relationships with consulting firms and organizations with consulting positions and equips members with the necessary knowledge, skills and opportunities to explore a career in consulting.

Vanderbilt Sports Business Club

Formerly the Vanderbilt Sports Marketing Club, the purpose of the organization is to educate Vanderbilt students on the many opportunities in the sports business industry. The VSBC will provide mentorship, professional development, and networking opportunities to students interested in any area of the sports business field. Areas will include marketing, finance, management among others. VSBC will consult Vanderbilt athletics to identify problems and provide solutions aimed to improve the overall department. The club’s goal is to build the Vanderbilt athletics fan base, using marketing and business strategies to attract a larger demographic to games and increase fan engagement. The club will host speakers and events that inform students on topics such as how professional organizations build their brands, how to create a franchise culture, and how to develop business strategies.

 Vanderbilt Women in Business

Women in Business empowers future female leaders by engaging a network of advocates for business women’s ambitions. We work in partnership with the Women’s Business Association at the Owen Graduate School of Management to provide networking opportunities.

Vandy Sales

Our mission is to provide members with the resources needed to learn to ‘sell yourself’ and to master the skill of sales. Through monthly skills development workshops and speakers, we want to raise awareness of the post-grad career that is sales, giving students another avenue to enter the business world. We are open to all students who want to improve their networking, persuasion, interview and ultimately sales skills!