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Getting Started

One of the hardest parts of research is getting started. Because research encompasses such a wide range of activities, there is no “one way” to get started. Even getting started depends on a number of factors. Why are you participating in research? What discipline do you want to study? What do you want to achieve by participating in research? Are you hoping to go into a career that involves research or are you just looking for a new and enriching experience? Because of how much variation exists from student to student, each student will need to get started with different goals in mind. However, there are still some practical steps that any student can take.

First Steps and General Advice

General advice by Vanderbilt students, for Vanderbilt students who are just starting the process of thinking about pursuing research.

Types of Positions

Students can carry out research in many different capacities. This summarizes the types of opportunities students can seek.

Finding a Faculty Mentor

Finding a faculty mentor who is willing to introduce you to the field and guide you as you begin to learn how to research is one of the most important steps in the whole process. Here is advice for doing just that.

Getting Funded

Where does all of the money come from to conduct a research project and where does it go? The answer is here.