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Getting Started

To get started, it is best to consider what interests you. Think broadly about the field(s) that excites you, even if they are not related to your major. An important question to ask is what would you like to learn and why? Once you have identified a research subject to pursue, there are numerous strategies and resources at Vanderbilt to help you with next steps.

First Steps and General Advice

General advice by Vanderbilt students, for Vanderbilt students who are just starting the process of thinking about pursuing research.

Types of Positions

Students can carry out research in many different capacities. This summarizes the types of opportunities students can seek.

Finding a Faculty Mentor

Finding a faculty mentor who is willing to introduce you to the field and guide you as you begin to learn how to research is one of the most important steps in the whole process. Here is advice for doing just that.

Getting Funded

Where does all of the money come from to conduct a research project and where does it go? The answer is here.