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Student Spotlight: Rohit Kataria ’24

Posted by on Monday, February 12, 2024 in Student Spotlight.

Today we are highlighting Rohit Kataria (’24) and his experience with Vanderbilt’s Data Science Minor!

“I can best describe my Data Science experience as interest-bridging. After coming to Vanderbilt, I was unsure how to simultaneously continue my love for mathematics and my desire to pursue a career in public service. The Data Science Minor solved this dilemma for me. I knew the data science techniques and methods I learned would not only strengthen my policy analysis abilities but also allow me to better understand research to inform my interest in evidence-based higher education policies and programs that benefit students of all backgrounds.

My sophomore year, I knew the Data Science Minor was going to pay off. While enrolled in Introduction to Data Science, I conducted an independent research project with Dr. William Doyle, using data science principles to understand the sociodemographic factors contributing to college attainment. I subsequently enrolled in a data science independent study with Dr. Doyle, creating a manuscript focusing on the relationship between teacher-student racial/ethnic congruence and student mathematics performance. Preparing this paper sharpened my data science skills and deepened my passion for understanding the factors that contribute to student success. Without the Data Science Minor, I never would have been able to connect my (what I thought were) competing interests in mathematics and public service.”