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Student Spotlight: Pax Poggi ’25

Posted by on Thursday, April 4, 2024 in Student Spotlight.

Today we are highlighting Pax Poggi (’25) and his experience with Vanderbilt’s Data Science Minor!

“The data science minor has been a great way to learn how to leverage new computational techniques in the modern age. Analyzing and modeling large datasets is becoming more important as various fields are integrating novel computational methods. The skills I attained with the data science minor allowed me to conduct neuroscience research about the mathematical underpinnings of consciousness, a topic that deeply interests me. This research has involved calculating higher-order causal relations in multiple brain areas and connecting this to the perception of meaning using Python. In the summer, I will use the skills I learned in applied machine learning to apply principles of vision psychology to machine learning models at the Allen Brain Institute. Overall, the data science minor has been pivotal in giving me the tools necessary to pursue my professional goals.”