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DS 3850 Undergraduate Research in Data Science

Students and their faculty sponsors must complete a Contract for Registration for Research in Data Science and have it signed by the Director of Undergraduate Data Science: DS3850 Contract for Registration

Undergraduates interested in Data Science are encouraged to seek out opportunities to participate in ongoing research projects at Vanderbilt during the academic year or over the summer. If research is used as elective credit for the Data Science Minor, these would take the form of enrolling in DS 3850 Undergraduate Research in Data Science. 

Research in Data Science can be an excellent Immersion Experience for undergraduates at Vanderbilt (see Research Immersion in Data Science page maintained by the DSI).

To qualify as research towards the data science minor, the project must involve (1) development, evolution, or implementation of data science methods, (2) application of data science to one or more fields in the physical, life, or social sciences, engineering, arts, or humanities, or (3) study impact of data on society and its institutions.

Students wishing to take DS 3850 Undergraduate Research in Data Science must do the following:
1. Obtain permission to conduct research and enroll in the DS 3850 course from a faculty sponsor. Consult with the faculty sponsor well in advance of the course request period of registration for the semester in which the research is undertaken.
2. Work with the faculty sponsor to ensure that the proposed project combines data science tools and techniques with a substantive problem. Students (and their faculty sponsors) can talk with the Director of Undergraduate Data Science if there is uncertainty about what might or might not qualify for research towards the data science minor.
3. Make a written study plan detailing the nature of the project and the amount of credit and have it approved by the faculty sponsor and the Director of Undergraduate Data Science.
4. Prior to the end of the change period, register for DS 3850 (or DS 3851 for a second semester).
5. Turn in the completed and signed form to your home college.