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Interim Director

  • Thomas Palmeri, Interim Director of the Undergraduate Data Science Minor (through June 30th), Distinguished Professor of Psychology, Director of Undergraduate Research for the Data Science Institute, co-Director of Scientific Computing – email, lab

Program Manager

  • Amber Miller, Program Manager, Undergraduate Data Science Minor email

Undergraduate Data Science Governing Board

Acting Steering Committee

  • Hiba Baroud, Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Littlejohn Dean’s Faculty Fellow (VUSE)
  • Andreas Berlind, Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy (A&S), co-Director of the Data Science Institute
  • Jeffrey Blume, Professor of Biostatistics (VUMC), Vice Chair for Education in Biostatistics, and Director of Graduate Education for the Data Science Institute
  • Laura Booker, Senior Lecturer in Leadership, Policy, and Organizations (Peabody)
  • Joy Calico, Cornelius Vanderbilt Professor of Musicology (Blair)
  • Joshua Clinton, Abby and Jon Winkelried Chair of Political Science (A&S)
  • Will Doyle, Professor of Public Policy and Higher Education in Leadership, Policy, and Organizations (Peabody)
  • Xenofon Koutsoukos, Professor and Chair of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (VUSE)
  • Doug Schmidt, Cornelius Vanderbilt Professor of Engineering and Computer Science (VUSE), Associate Provost for Research Development and Technologies, co-Director of the Data Science Institute
  • Jesse Spencer-Smith, Chief Data Scientist for the Data Science Institute, Adjunct Professor of Computer Science
  • Sonya Sterba, Associate Professor of Psychology and Human Development and Director of Quantitative Methods Program (Peabody)