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Faculty Spotlight: Chris Strauss (DS 3100 | SP ’24)

Posted by on Tuesday, November 7, 2023 in News.

This week, we feature Professor Chris Strauss (he/they), a senior lecturer in the Department of Psychology and Human Development. With a strong foundation in quantitative psychology, Professor Strauss is set to inspire students in the upcoming course DS 3100 in the Spring 2024 semester! Professor Strauss’s educational journey began in the University of Oklahoma where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Mathematics: University of Oklahoma in 2017. He then furthered his studies in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, earning an MA in Quantitative Psychology in 2021, and culminating in a PhD in Quantitative Psychology in 2023. When asked about their passion for the field, Professor Strauss remarked, “What excites me the most about the field of Data Science is its interdisciplinary nature. The most groundbreaking advancements in Data Science and Statistics occur when diverse fields collaborate. In teaching DS 3100, I am excited to share my knowledge with students from various academic backgrounds. My goal is to leverage collaborative classroom activities, allowing students to learn from each other’s diverse educational experiences, previous coursework, and academic goals.”

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