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Student Spotlight: Sarah Goldstein ’26

Posted by on Monday, September 18, 2023 in Student Spotlight.

Today, we are highlighting Sophomore Sarah Goldstein (’26) and her experience with the Data Science Minor!

“My engagement with Vanderbilt’s data science minor program has been highly useful and beneficial thus far. I’ve had the opportunity to learn two new programming languages already (R and Python), which will enhance my prospects in my biomedical engineering career. I’ve already applied these skills in my research laboratory, where I’ve utilized them to analyze data I collect for fluctuations, create graphs using various programming languages, and enhance my ability to interpret data more effectively. I’ve acquired a significant amount of knowledge in data cleaning, which involves eliminating inconsistencies and irrelevant information, as well as data analysis techniques to extract meaningful patterns. Additionally, I’ve gained skills in data visualization to effectively represent large data sets graphically. Vanderbilt does an excellent job balancing technical skill requirements and electives with this minor. This minor is an excellent fit for problem solvers who enjoy coding, and want to handle and analyze large sets of data.”

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