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The DS Minor – Now Hiring TAs and Graders for Spring 2023!

Posted by on Wednesday, November 16, 2022 in Uncategorized.

Interested in applying your skills towards providing feedback to students in introductory concepts and problems of data science as a grader? Or, ready to assist and guide undergraduate learners to better understand the concepts and skills of data science as a TA? We are hiring TAs and graders for the spring 2023 semester for your favorite courses – DS 1000, DS 1100, DS 2100, DS 3262, and DS 3100!

As a grader, you can expect the following responsibilities or similar:

  • Evaluate coursework submissions based on provided rubrics
  • Provide timely feedback on coursework submissions
  • Practice skills you’ve learned in the classroom by assessing student work

As a TA, your responsibilities are tailored based on the course, but you can expect similar to the following responsibilities:

  • Guide students in understanding the considerations and applications of data science
  • Hold weekly office hours to assist course participants in completing assignments and understanding course topics
  • Refine skills you’ve learned in the classroom by explaining topics to others and assessing student work
  • Assist the course instructor in curating course content
  • Evaluate coursework submissions based on provided rubrics

More information including compensation is provided in the application for specific courses. Grader positions are open to undergraduates and graduate students, and TA positions are available for graduate students only.

Sound interesting? Fill out our brief application to apply to become a grader or a teaching assistant. The application is open until December 11th at 11:59pm, and students are evaluated on a rolling basis for some courses so apply early! We look forward to hearing from you!


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