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What Programming Course To Take?

Posted by on Wednesday, February 17, 2021 in Information.

What introductory computer programming course should I take (and why)? The supplied figures aim to illustrate and explain this in general. Here is more information for potential DS minors:

Students who plan to also major or minor in CS must take either CS 1101 (in Java) or CS 1104 (in Python). The CS curriculum then requires students to take CS 2201, which also satisfies the DS minor. Students interested in data science are strongly encouraged to take CS 1104 (Python).

Students who may want to consider a major or minor in CS, or want more programming experience, should take CS 1104 (in Python). Students who take CS 1104 can then take CS 2201 or 2204, which both satisfy the DS minor.

Students who just plan to minor in DS, or who simply want to take one semester of university-level computer programming, should take CS/DS 1100. CS/DS 1100 is sufficient for the DS minor. Students who take CS/DS 1100 can then take CS 2204 if they wish (receiving two credits, not three). They cannot take CS 2201.

Students who have already taken CS 1101 (in Java) and want to complete the DS minor can either take CS 2201 (in C++) or take CS 1100 (in Python).

Students who have already taken CS 1104 (in Python) can either take CS 2204 (in Python) or take CS 1100 (but they will only receive a total of four credits for CS 1100 and CS 1104).

Students who have already taken CS 1103 (in Matlab) will either need to take CS/DS 1100, CS 1101 and 2201, CS 1104 and 2201, or CS 1104 and 2204.