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Training and Resources in Oracle Cloud

All faculty, staff and students can access training resources online in Oracle Cloud through the Help Center and the Oracle Learning module.

Help Center Training & Resources

The Help Center provides in-system step-by-step guidance for completing common activities and links to resources and policies. 

To get started, click the Help Center icon on your Oracle screen to open the panel and then:

  • Review the list of available guides or enter a keyword to view additional resources;
  • Click the name of a guide to launch the in-system guidance; and/or
  • Click the arrow icon to view or email a copy of the steps.

help center quick summary

Online and Live Courses via Oracle Learning

Learning iconThe Oracle Learning module provides access to view and complete online training and to enroll in instructor-led training courses for Oracle Cloud and other areas across the university.

To get started, select Learning from the Me menu on your home screen or in the navigator and:

  • Enter a keyword in the search bar to find training; or
  • Click Current Learning to view and complete your training assignments. 


Download the quick reference guide:  Accessing Training In Oracle Learning