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Local Resources for Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud users can access the following local resources in Oracle Cloud - click on a role name to view detailed instructions below:

Locating a Financial Unit Manager

A FUM Lookup report is available to all users in the Departmental Playbook.

To find the current FUM for a financial unit:

  • Navigate to Page 2 of the Departmental Playbook;
  • Select FUM Lookup; and then
  • Use the drop-down list to narrow the selection (as desired) and click Apply to view the list.




Locating an HCM Specialist or Business Unit/Entity Approver

Additional details are available the Directory within Oracle Cloud so that users can more easily identify the HCM Specialists and Business Unit/Entity Approval Group members for themselves or other users, when needed.

To find an HCM Specialist or Business Unit/Entity Approver:

  • Navigate to the Directory within the Me section of Oracle Cloud;
  • Select My Public Info to view your own information or search for another user to view their representatives; and then
  • Scroll down and expand the Representatives section to view that area's HCM Specialists and Business Unit/Entity Approvers.