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Curb Spotlight: Anthony Tang

Posted by on Wednesday, March 23, 2022 in .

Despite only being a first-year within the program, Curb Scholar Anthony Tang has jumped at the chance to join several organizations at Vanderbilt while also majoring Computer Science and Economics. Writing Fellow Becca Kantor caught up with Anthony about what drew him to the Curb Center and how his freshman year is going.


Becca Kantor: What drew you to apply to be a Curb Scholar? What do you hope to learn from this program?

Anthony Tang: I applied to be a Curb Scholar because I liked its multi-dimensional approach to creativity. I wanted to gain exposure to fields that I didn’t typically engage with. Curb is represented by creatives in a huge variety of fields, from music to computer science to photography to racial justice, so as a member of this community, I can learn about things I never would have come across on my own. I remember reading Curb’s website and the bios of the scholars, and it inspired me to embrace my creative side and see its connections to my passions in entrepreneurship and advocacy. During my time with Curb, I hope to learn to apply my creativity, find new creative interests, and build leadership skills and professionalism.


BK: Currently, you’re majoring in Economics and Computer Science, and at Curb, you have a focus in Entrepreneurship. What interests or aspects of your background drew you to these areas? 

AT: I first became interested in economics while competing on my high school’s debate team. In our debates, I would find myself learning and discussing the impacts different policies had on the economy. I really enjoyed debate because I loved the analytical process of forming arguments for cases and talking about policies that affected millions of people. My interest in computer science was fostered when I was much younger. In elementary school, I loved using simple block-based programming languages like Scratch with drag-and-drop code to create video games and animations. I would spend hours and hours after school fiddling on my dad’s laptop. It was incredible to me that I could create almost anything using combinations of commands. The problem-solving and innovation element of computer science and the social impact aspect of debate eventually broadened into my focus in entrepreneurship.


BK: As a freshman, what has been the biggest surprise about college? What joyful discoveries have you made about Vanderbilt, such as clubs, classes, friends, etc.?

AT: The biggest surprise I had about college was the number of distractions there are. Coming from the suburbs where I spent a lot of time at home alone, it was surprising to all of a sudden be surrounded by friends at all times. There is always something to do, some event or party or meeting that I can go to. During my first semester, it was really difficult to balance my commitments; I wanted to explore all of the different communities and organizations that were on campus while also committing to something I enjoyed doing. On the other hand, the variety of communities and activities was also a positive discovery for me because it made it easy to find communities that I was interested in. I really enjoy being a part of niche clubs like Blockchain Club or Spikeball Club. Other than that, I think it’s great that I can meet students from all over the country. My roommate is from Nashville, so I always enjoy listening to his stories and recommendations.


BK: How has being a Curb Scholar shaped your experience at Vanderbilt so far?

AT: Curb has added a lot to my experience at Vanderbilt. Even though it has only been one semester, I’ve already had so many fun and unique experiences, from visiting the Bass Pro Pyramid in Memphis to learning how to make biscuits to doing my first escape room to kayaking. I think the main way Curb has influenced my experience at Vanderbilt so far is by introducing to me many amazing individuals. The friends that I have made through Curb have mentored and supported me even outside of the program, and it was great to have that network so early into my college experience. Many of the organizations that I am involved in now I initially learned about through other Curb Scholars. It’s awesome to be a part of such a diverse community that I can share my creative endeavors with and hear about the amazing thing other students are pursuing.


BK: What else should we know to have a better understanding of who you are as a student and an individual?

AT: I enjoy curating things. As someone with a pretty bad memory, organizing and keeping track of the things that I consume gives me a feeling of closure. I have spent many hours organizing playlists or keeping a list of good movies and TV shows that I’ve watched. Other things that I enjoy curating include restaurants, Tik Toks, and even my thoughts.