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Taurean Brown, Ph.D.


Educational Background

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences


On Teaching

My passion for education stems from my firm belief that every student if given the proper resources and guidance can  accomplish any goal that they have for themselves. I believe that in order to be an effective educator one must also strive to be an exceptional mentor to students. My goal as an educator is to instill critical thinking skills within my students and to broaden their understanding of the world around them.

On Research

The focus of my graduate research studies was to investigate the impact of breast cancer chemotherapy-induced inflammation on the central nervous system. Although chemotherapy is an effective tool at destroying cancer it also can come with it’s fair share of unintended side effects, such as chemotherapy-Induced cognitive impairment or “chemo brain”. Chemo brain can manifest itself in a variety different ways such as difficulties in memory recall/retention, executive functioning, learning, concentration, and making decisions. There  are many plausible mechanisms for chemo brain, however one candidate mechanism is inflammation. Chemotherapy can induce inflammation within the brain and cause sustained damage to normal brain tissue. Breast cancer patients have even been reported to have high levels of inflammation as well as cognitive difficulties  as much  as 20 years after receiving chemotherapy treatment. Using mouse models, behavioral assays, and molecular techniques my goal was  to understand the biological mechanisms that cause chemo brain in order to hopefully mitigate its effects and improve the quality of life of breast cancer survivors.


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