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Curriculum Information


The School for Science and Math at Vanderbilt’s curriculum is designed to give students access to interdisciplinary views of science and to develop skills and methods of inquiry that are necessary for conducting scientific research. Our curriculum not only draws from local, state, and national standards for topics, but also reaches beyond those benchmarks into the many resources found on a research university campus to provide a richer content base for students.

Instruction typically includes classroom and virtual lectures, inquiry-based activities, small group discussions, and hands-on laboratory work. Every class encourages each student’s personal engagement with the concepts at hand as well as a series of various assessments to allow students to show what progress they have made.

Following each week’s lesson, students and instructors interact through our online classroom community. All assignments are posted through the site for access at anytime, whether the student is at home, in study hall at their school, or in our classroom here at Vanderbilt. Each week, each instructor holds online office hours in a chat room where students can ask questions and interact with each other. The online classroom community also hosts discussion forums, links to news items, instant messaging between students, and a listing of the students’ grades so they are always kept up-to-date on their achievements in the class.

The faculty and instructors strive to create engaging, innovative means of passing on their own curiosities about the material and foster critical thinking, reasoning, and effective communication skills in the students. Due to the interdisciplinary, sequential curriculum, it is imperative that students commit to enrolling for all four years of the program.

Students will earn 1 unit of honors high school credit upon completion of each of the School’s seven courses.


10th Grade



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