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Online Communication

Here you will find some of the best practices to follow when communicating electronically. While using resources provided by Vanderbilt University and/or MNPS, so you are required to abide by the VU ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY RESOURCES POLICY  as well as those for Metro Nashville Public Schools.

While the use of computers for communication purposes creates many new opportunities for collaborative learning, it is important that you know what is expected of you in this setting. This document outlines some basic guidelines for communicating to your instructors, members of the academic community, and your peers. Please read the following to ensure that you understand what will be expected of you for the next four years.

Personal email

You have been given a personal email account by Vanderbilt University. We will exclusively use this email address for communication, and expect you to check it regularly. When emailing instructors, students must use their Vanderbilt account. We will not respond to email coming from other personal email accounts. Your VU email account should only be used as a professional means of communication.

VU recommends against clicking on links in emails from unknown senders.

Email etiquette 

  • Address who you are speaking to (e.g. “Dear Dr. Scientist,”)
  • Clearly state your request/question/etc.
  • Sign your name
  • Do not label your email as “high importance”
  • Allow 48 hours for response

Your email accounts are monitored by Vanderbilt University, rather than by the course instructors. Because your instructors do not have access to your email accounts, we ask that you self-police your emails. If you receive an email that you feel is inappropriate, please notify us immediately.

Classroom computers

SSMV classroom computers can be used for curricular purposes that include SSMV or MNPS coursework and related activity only. All guidelines for appropriate use and protection, as well as common sense, apply. They are meant for use by all classes. Users are expected to log off of them, store and treat them properly and with care to ensure their longevity and usefulness for all students.

School Administration reserves the right to modify this policy.

Updated: 7/22/2019