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Performance Policy

During their four-years at the SSMV, students are expected to demonstrate mastery of subject matter, the application of critical thinking, the ability to learn from peers, and the acquisition and use of elevated laboratory skills. These intellectual quests must be achieved within the context of respect for fellow students, faculty, and the university community.

Expectations for Academic Success at the School for Science and Math

At the end of each semester, all students will be expected to have a grade of B or better in their SSMV course. Failure to do so will result in a student being placed on probationary status, which indicates that the student is in danger of being asked to leave the SSMV. In order to preclude that outcome, the student will meet with his/her SSMV faculty advisor, determine what needs to be accomplished to achieve academic success, and accomplish those tasks in a timeline determined by the advisor and student. The SSMV expectation is that academic probation should be a rare and infrequent situation for any student.

In all issues pertaining to student probation and expulsion, the SSMV Director, in consultation with the faculty, will make the final decision.

Expectations for Academic Success at the Student’s Zoned/Magnet School

Students are expected to achieve notable academic success at the SSMV and their zoned/magnet school. The learning acquired at both schools will greatly enrich the insights, vision, and future of the students.

Should a student fail to maintain a satisfactory academic record at their zoned/magnet school, there will be a required meeting with his/her SSMV faculty advisor to discuss the situation and to propose remedies. The student should also meet with the appropriate instructors or counselors at the zoned/magnet school. The SSMV will provide mandatory academic support for students falling below a B in core courses at their zoned/magnet school in an effort to prevent further sanctions. The inability to achieve academic success at the zoned/magnet school may result in the student being placed on probation at the SSMV. If it is determined that the student cannot manage the academic workload of both schools (zoned/magnet and SSMV), he/she may be dismissed from the SSMV.

School Administration reserves the right to modify this policy.

Updated: 4/5/2010