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Ray Blind

Nuclear Lipid Genomics

Ray Blind, Medicine

The Blind Lab is interested in uncovering the molecular design principles of life. To this end, we are focused on exploring the structure, function and signaling properties of non-membrane nuclear lipids. We use discovery biochemistry, genomics, enzymology and structural biology to determine what role these small signaling molecules play in the nucleus of every eukaryotic cell.

The non-membrane nuclei of all living things examined to date contain pools of phospholipids that do not exist in a membrane structure, but are complexed to soluble proteins. We uncovered a way these poorly studied protein/lipid complexes are regulated: lipid kinases and phosphatases remodel lipids while they are bound to non-membrane proteins, with very unique kinetic properties. This discovery provides a molecular framework explaining how lipid signaling in the nucleus works.

Future research in our group will (1) Determine how these protein/lipid/protein interfaces are structured, (2) What role lipids and their signaling enzymes play in chromatin biology, and (3) Develop novel compounds targeting nuclear signaling enzymes in cancer and diabetes.

We are hiring postdocs! Please inquire by emailing Ray Blind!

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