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Biophysical Instrumentation Core Facility

The CSB maintains a variety of instruments for studying the conformation and stability of macromolecules and for measuring the affinity and thermodynamics of biomolecular interactions. To set up core access and training, contact Alex Fisch. If you have additional questions or would like to set up a consultation, contact Heather Kroh.


Octet R8 Bio-layer Interferometer:

  • High-quality quantitative, kinetic, or affinity characterization of biomolecules
  • Can run up to 96 samples in a single experiment
  • Installed in January 2023
TwoMP Mass Photometer:

  • Measure molecular mass of proteins &
    protein assemblies in solution in their native state
  • Quick and accurate mass determination with minimal sample requirements (<20 µL, low nanomolar concentrations)
  • Installed in January 2023
Circular Dichroism Spectropolarimeter:

  • Chirascan VX CD spectrometer
  • User friendly data acquisition and analysis
  • Peltier temperature control
  • Installed December 2022
  • CD Guidelines
Microscale thermophoresis:

  • NanoTemper Monolith NT.115
  • Determine binding affinities using fluorescently labeled ligands
  • Equipped with two LED lasers, blue and red
  • MST Guidelines
Differential Scanning Calorimeter:

Dynamic Light Scattering:


  • Horiba Jobin Yvon Fluoromax-3
  • L-format, single cuvette holder
  • Water bath regulated, magnetic stirring
  • Polarizers
  • Fluorescence Notes
Isothermal Titration Calorimeter:

  • TA Instruments Affinity ITC
  • Installed in February 2020
  • Injection Syringe Volume up to 250 µL
  • Active cell volume of 1.0 mL
  • Operating Temperature Range from 2 °C to 80 °C
  • Fully automated Injection Syringe Cleaning
  • ITC Notes

Information for Users: