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Brand Engagement and Governance

Campus and Medical Center Use

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Internal Use Licensing Policies 

Vanderbilt University departments, schools, and registered student organizations can use the official Vanderbilt University and Vanderbilt University Medical Center marks on products and services.

To access Vanderbilt University's graphic standards and downloadable logos, CLICK HERE

To access Vanderbilt University Medical Center's graphic standards and downloadable logos, CLICK HERE 

General guidelines:

  • The logos should not be altered in any fashion.
  • The logos should have the proper trademark symbols (®, ™).
  • The logos should not be used in association with a private business or used in a manner that might associate or imply endorsements by the University with an outside business or product without proper authorization from the University.
  • Employees may not use the University's names or its logos in any manner, which suggest or imply University support or endorsement of any movement, a candidate for public office, or an activity or program not officially sponsored by the University.
  • It is not permissible to create logos using Vanderbilt logos for a group or organization 

Unacceptable Products/Services

Vanderbilt University will not approve the use of its name or marks to promote the following products: tobacco, controlled substances, sexually oriented products, alcohol (unless sold by the University at a University event), religious products, bathroom articles, or games of chance.
The University will not approve the use of its name or marks with: text or graphics that are judged to be sexually suggestive, denigrating language by any group including another College or University, items that infringe on the marks of other trademark owners on products or services, or endorsement of political parties or candidates.

The University will not license products that: do not meet minimum standards of quality and/or taste, are judged to be dangerous or carry high product liability risks.


Registering a Trademark

Obtaining a federal trademark registration is a lengthy, and potentially costly, process.  On average, expect it to take at least 6 months and cost $4,000 - $8,000 per class, per mark. For a deeper dive into the process and costs, please read our Trademark Guide and Questionnaire. If you have questions, please email and someone will provide guidance on the process and next steps.