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To request design services or obtain art approval, click  here and select the gray "Log in with SSO" button. You will be prompted to log in using your VUnet ID and e-password.

If you are having issues logging in, please contact Glenna Underhill (615-322-6096). 

Lytho (formerly InMotion) | Stakeholder Quick Guide

Download a pdf of the Quick Guide

A Brief Overview | Submitting a Request | Proofing (reviewing and approving) | Best Practices | Duplicating Projects/Campaigns

A Brief Overview

Lytho is a project trafficking platform that provides the easiest and most efficient method for the Vanderbilt University Marketing team to process your design requests and provide you with what you need. For efficiency and clarity, answer questions completely and provide as much detail as possible in your initial request.

As a stakeholder/client, you will be able to submit and monitor the status of requests, take part in interactive proofing, and stay more involved in the process from start to finish.

The platform has an extensive guide section at here. Below are a few key takeaways to help get you started.

Submittting a Request

Submitting a Request Full Guide

  1. Once you are logged in, you will see the screen below.
  2. Click “Add Request” in the top right corner of the screen.
    Add Request Page image
  3. Type in the name of your project or campaign here. Include some description of the type of project you are requesting (poster, brochure, social media, etc.)
  4. Select the statement that best relates to the project you are submitting:
    • I need design services for a single project.
      For a single postcard, flyer, brochure etc. OR several digital assets that have different sizes of the same design.
    • I need design services for a campaign that has multiple projects associated with it.
      For a campaign with multiple types of projects that need to have a cohesive look. Different projects may have different due dates. These are often related to an event. (ex. You need a brochure, digital assets, and an envelope)
    • I have a project that needs editorial review.
      For editing services only, no design needed.
    • I have a project for athletics.
      For digital athletics projects. For a print athletics project, select single project or campaign as noted above.
    • I need approval on artwork.
      For approval on content, layout and branding. No design services needed.
    • I need a Vanderbilt branded wordmark.
      To request a wordmark that is locked-up with the appropriate Vanderbilt brand.

Once your request is submitted, Marketing will review it.

If you have provided all materials needed for the project, you will then receive an email notification once we have accepted the request.

If any project materials are missing, your project manager will contact you via the Lytho comments sections (these communications will also be sent to you via email). The comments sections are also where you can communicate with your project manager regarding your request. (Please make sure you @mention your project manager in your comments.)

Comments section image

*If you have questions while you are submitting the request, contact your project manager (Glenna Underhill (615-322-6096), Maisie Wilson (615-343-3591), Phillip Tucker (615-322-3989). If you are unsure of who your project manager is, please reach out to Glenna Underhill .

Proofing (reviewing and approving)

An Introduction to Review and Approval – Full Guide
Lytho is designed to keep proof data contained and organized through proof versioning within the platform. For a step-by-step walk-through on the review and approval process, please click here.

Here are the basic steps you can expect when you receive the first proof for your project:

  1. Receiving a Proof
    When a proof is ready for you to review, you will receive an email notification letting you know that you have something to review.

    Key Tips:
    Sharing/Collaborating: You can collaborate with anyone at VU. They can access Lytho with their VUnet ID and e-password using the same process that you did. For more information, click here.
  2. Reviewing and Approving
    As the reviewer, you will use the Lytho proofing window to convey all of your requested changes using the mark-up tools, upload new text or image files as needed, and provide approval statuses foreach page in the proof document. For a quick-start guide on submitting reviews, click here.

Best Practices

  • Always @mention users to ensure that specific people see a comment you post. If you do not mention them with an “@” then they will not receive a notification of your comment and it may be missed.
  • When submitting a request, be sure to include all text, images, logos, or other assets for the project so that a designer can begin work. If you do not include these attachments, we will return your request to you and delay the timeline/due date until the necessary materials are provided.

Duplicating Projects/Campaigns

As a stakeholder, you will have access to any request previously submitted by you, and any final deliverables that were supplied to you at the close of the project.

If your project or campaign occurs on a yearly, quarterly, or even monthly basis, using the “duplicate” feature within an existing request will help you be as efficient as possible when submitting work requests. The figure below illustrates the location of the “duplicate” button in a completed request.

Duplicating projects image

Need help?
Contact Glenna Underhill (615-322-6096), Maisie Wilson (615-343-3591), Jackie Kornacker (615-322-5213) or Phillip Tucker (615-322-3989)