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Cap and Gown

Regalia for the Class of 2022 is available to order here. The deadline for ordering is April 1, 2022.

Please note that all 2022 Commencement regalia will have the former acorn V logo, and diplomas and diploma covers will have the former seal. For diploma frames with the same logo, please visit the Vanderbilt Bookstore for order inquiries.

Vanderbilt Apparel

The design of the academic regalia (cap and gown) and the colors worn are significant. The distinguishing mark of the gown is the sleeve:

  • Bachelor — long pointed sleeve
  • Master — an oblong sleeve open at the wrist
  • Doctor — bell-shaped sleeve with three velvet bars
  • Ph.D. — gold gown with bell-shaped sleeve and three velvet bars


In keeping with the solemnity of the ceremonies, special regalia is worn to symbolize reaching a significant milestone in one’s educational journey – earning your degree, and as such adornments to regalia must be associated with officially recognized merit or honor societies or identity groups. Any adornment that is not in the form of an already authorized cord or stole, must be approved by the Office of the Provost, Dean of Students and any relevant schools, colleges or other organizations. Personal decorations, whether to the cap or gown, are not allowed as they may detract from the spirit and dignity of the occasion or alter or obscure recognition of the degree that the designated regalia represents. View the complete adornment policy on cords, decorations, etc.


The Vanderbilt Bachelor gown showcases the traditional characteristics of an academic gown but with the added branding of Vanderbilt University.  The gown uses full front pleats, balanced fluting and an easily accessible zipper.  Your Vanderbilt bachelor gown, mortarboard cap, and degree color tassel is yours to keep or you can recycle it following the ceremony. Click images for larger view.

Front  Back 


The Master gown features traditional tailoring which includes oblong shaped sleeves, closed at the bottom with a wrist opening, and Vanderbilt branding.  Master gowns are worn with degree color tassels and a mortarboard cap.  Master students complement their gown by wearing a master degree hood.  Graduates keep the cap and tassel following the ceremony and the gown and hood are rentals that are to be returned. Click images for larger view.


Doctor – all other (JD, MD, AUD, MPD, DNP or EdD)

The Doctor gown features velvet chevrons on each of the bell sleeves and velvet on the front panels with the Vanderbilt logo.  Doctor gowns are to be worn with Doctoral degree hoods.  Tams are worn by Doctoral graduates with a non-removable gold silky tassel. Doctoral regalia sets can be rented or purchased. Click images for large view.


Doctor – Ph.D.

The Vanderbilt University Ph.D. gown represents academic tailoring at its very best.  Fine pleating frames the velvet panels from the hemline, up over the shoulders, to a point in the center back of yoke, where it is finished with fancy cording.  The Vanderbilt gown features a zipper closure and fully lined bell sleeves, ending in a cuff at the wrist.  A pocket slit is also added to allow access to clothing beneath the robe.  The gown is Antique Gold crepe; a two-way textured polyester with a stain resistant finish and excellent draping and wrinkle resistant qualities.  Black velvet panels and chevrons are outlined in antique gold cording and the front velvet panels are embroidered with the Vanderbilt mark.  PhD gowns are to be worn with degree hoods and tams are worn with a non removable gold silky tassel.  The entire PhD regalia set can be rented or purchased. Click images for larger view.

Front  PHD Back  PHD

Degrees Offered and Tassel/Hood Colors

School Degree Offered Degree Abbreviation Tassel Color Hood Color Tam
College of Arts & Science Bachelor of Arts B.A. Black
Blair School of Music Bachelor of Music B.Mus. Pink
Divinity School Master of Theological Studies M.T.S. Red Red
Master of Divinity M.Div. Red Red
School of Engineering Bachelor of Engineering B.E. Orange
Bachelor of Science B.S. Gold
Master of Engineering M.Eng. Orange Orange
Graduate School Master of Arts M.A. White White
Master of Fine Arts M.F.A. Brown Brown
Master of Liberal Arts and Science M.L.A.S. White White
Master of Science M.S. Gold Gold
Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D. Doctor Gold Dark Blue
Law School Doctor of Jurisprudence J.D. Doctor Gold Purple
Master of Laws LL.M. Purple Purple
School of Medicine Doctor of Medicine M.D. Doctor Gold Green
Master of Public Health M.P.H. Salmon Salmon
Master of Science in Clinical Investigation M.S. Gold Gold
Doctor of Audiology AU.D. Doctor Gold Green
Master of Science (Speech-Language Pathology) M.S.S.L.P. Gold Gold
Doctor of Medical Physics M.P.D. Doctor Gold  Green
Master of Science in Medical Physics M.M.P. Gold Gold
Master of Science in Laboratory Investigation M.L.I. Gold Gold
Master of Science in Applied Clinical Informatics M.S.A.C.I. Gold Gold
Master in Genetic Counseling M.G.C. Gold Gold
Master of Education of the Deaf M.D.E. Gold Gold
School of Nursing Master of Science in Nursing M.S.N. Apricot Apricot
Doctor of Nursing Practice D.N.P. Doctor Gold Apricot
Owen Graduate School of Management Master of Business Administration M.B.A. Drab Drab
Master of Science in Finance M.S.F. Gold Gold
Master of Accountancy M.Acct Drab Drab
Master of Marketing M.Mark Drab Drab
Master of Management in Health Care M.M.H.C Drab Drab
Peabody College Bachelor of Science B.S. Gold
Master of Education M.Ed. Light Blue Light Blue
Master of Public Policy M.P.P. Peacock Blue Peacock Blue
Doctor of Education Ed.D. Doctor Gold Light Blue

* Degrees are awarded through the Graduate School, but are listed under both the Grad School and specific school.
* All Vanderbilt Doctors wear tams with Gold silk doctoral tassels attached