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Contact Information

(615) 322-8409
213 A Hobbs

Research Area

  • Quantitative Methods
  • Education

    Post-Doc., University of California, Berkeley (Educational Measurement and Statistics, 2007-2009)

    Ph.D., University of Georgia (Educational Measurement and Statistics, Winter 2007)

    M.A., Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea (Statistics, 2003)

    B.A., Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea (Education, 2001)


    Current Courses

    Item Response Theory I (Graduate PSY-GS 8880; Undergraduate PSY-PC 3738)

    Item Response Theory II (Graduate PSY-GS 8881)

    Applied Bayesian Analysis for Latent Variable Modeling (Graduate PSY-GS 8850)

    Psychometric Methods (Undergraduate PSY-PC 3722)



    National Council on Measurement in Education (NCME)

    Psychometric Society

    American Educational Research Association (AERA) Division D

    Sun-Joo Cho

    Associate Professor of Psychology and Human Development

    Research topics include generalized latent variable modeling and its parameter estimation, with a focus on item response modeling.

    Data complexity Dr. Cho has dealt with consists of (1) multiple manifest person categories such as a control group versus an experimental group in an experimental design, (2) multiple latent person categories (or mixtures or latent classes) such as a mastery group versus a non-mastery group in a cognitive test, (3) multiple manifest item groups that may lead to multidimensionality such as number operation, measurement, and representation item groups in a math test, (4) multiple manifest person groups such as schools where students are nested in a multilevel (or hierarchical) data structure, (5) multiple time points such as pretest and posttest in intervention studies, and (6) intensive categorical longitudinal responses.

    Dr. Cho has collaborated with researchers from a variety of disciplines including reading education, math education, special education, psycholinguistics, clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, neuropsychology, and audiology. She serves on the editorial boards of Journal of Educational Psychology, Behavior Research Methods, and International Journal of Testing