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Binocular rivalry test

Psychological Sciences at Vanderbilt has state-of-the-art laboratories for carrying out basic research with humans and animals. These laboratories include computer stimulus presentation and response collection capabilities, a vast array of computers for data analysis and computational modeling, and specialized research equipment (including eyetracking systems, optics benches, acoustical analysis systems, acoustically dampened testing environments, and various kinds of custom experimental hardware and electronics).

Research with humans, including those with brain damage and mental illness, is conducted in laboratories at Wilson, Hobbs, and at other laboratories in the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center and at the Vanderbilt Medical Center.

Wilson Hall contains an AAALAC-accredited animal care facility with dedicated and experienced staff to support husbandry, enrichment, and surgery for species used in basic research. Faculty members have their own dedicated laboratory space for conducting clinical, cognition and cognitive neuroscience, developmental, neuroscience, and quantitative research. Some of the shared resources available to Vanderbilt researchers are highlighted under Research Facilities and Resources.

Research in Psychological Sciences at Vanderbilt is greatly enhanced by a number research centers that support a variety of shared research equipment and services:

Research training in Psychological Sciences at Vanderbilt is also greatly enhanced by a variety of Training Grants: