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Undergraduate Programs

Students walking in the rain outside Wilson Hall


The Department of Psychology offers undergraduate majors and minors in Psychology in the College of Arts and Science:

  • The Undergraduate Program in Psychology introduces students to the major areas of contemporary psychology: clinical science, human cognition and cognitive neuroscience, developmental psychology, neuroscience, and social psychology.

The Department of Psychology and Human Development of Peabody College offers undergraduate majors in Child DevelopmentCognitive Studies, and Child Studies.

  • Child Development emphasizes the scientific study of children, including the primary family, peer, school, neighborhood and cultural contexts in which they live.
  • Cognitive Studies examines the processes involved in learning, remembering, thinking, reasoning, and problem solving.
  • Child Studies is an interdisciplinary major that draws on courses from Psychology, Education, Special Education, and Human and Organizational Development.

The two departments jointly sponsor an Honors Program that offers students the opportunity to gain more intensive experience conducting scientific research with a faculty major than is usually possible within a standard major.