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Students interested in engineering will find themselves immersed in opportunities for research. The School of Engineering at Vanderbilt University offers a diverse array of engineering opportunities, including areas of engineering such as biomedical, civil, chemical, electrical, mechanical, and computer science. The departments in the school highly encourage undergraduates to pursue research, and the school offers its own comprehensive guide for seeking research opportunities.

Generally, students should have curricular experience in a given area of engineering before considering a research position, as a lot of research in engineering requires very specific and technical knowledge. Many of the departments in the School of Engineering also offer curricular options at the advanced level that are research focused, as well as options for honors and thesis research. Additionally, every department has two required classes with a strong research component.

Research in the School of Engineering is generally practical and in many cases interdisciplinary. Many of the research questions that the School of Engineering investigates have applications beyond engineering. For example, a sizable amount of research in the School of Engineering has applications in the field of medicine, and students in engineering routinely work with Vanderbilt University Medical Center faculty and staff. Some other areas of research in engineering include research in energy and natural resources and research that applies to the entertainment industry. Of course, this is just a small sample of the research conducted in the School of Engineering, and their comprehensive research website has a more thorough exploration of the research opportunities available.