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The Wond’ry is the epicenter for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Vanderbilt University. Its three story, 13,000-square foot space, located adjacent to the new state-of-the-art Engineering and Science Building, facilitates transinstitutional collaboration between students and faculty from all schools, levels, and disciplines. From engineers to scientists to entrepreneurs to artists, the Wond’ry is the primary point of connection for students interested in innovation and entrepreneurship. The Wond’ry is the catalyst for building and strengthening creativity across campus, fostering innovation in all fields, and forging  a stronger “maker” culture at Vanderbilt University.

At the Wond’ry there is something for everyone, from speaker series and workshops to makerspaces, interactive art exhibits and unique corporate partnerships. The Wond’ry provides students opportunities to gain real-world experience in creating new processes, building new technologies, and forming fresh insights.

The Wond’ry is the epicenter for creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship on campus where discovery and learning are unleashed in an inclusive environment. Students and faculty are encouraged to build, innovate, explore and care. Here, our campus community can turn abstract ideas into realities that make a difference in people’s lives.

Come visit us and take a look at our calendar of events to find ways you can get involved.

Join us for public tours upon request.

A Place to Dream, Explore, Experiment, and Make