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2005-2007 Original Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory

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The initial baseline inventory, which reported average annual GHG emissions for calendar years 2005-2007, was released in conjunction with the publication of VU’s Environmental Commitment Statement in April 2009 and was developed using methodology and carbon calculators commonly used at that time. On October 30, 2009, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued the Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule [40 CFR Part 98], which requires annual reporting of GHG emissions from large sources in the United States. Vanderbilt, along with many other institutions of higher education, will be required to report annual emissions to the EPA for each calendar year. Under this reporting rule, the scope of stationary sources and some emissions factors vary from those utilized in Vanderbilt’s initial baseline GHG inventory. In an effort to use a single, consistent methodology for calculating and reporting GHG emissions for the university, emissions from calendar years 2005-2007 (those years included in the original baseline inventory) have been recalculated utilizing the EPA’s scope and emissions factors for relevant stationary sources and reported in the new 2005-2009 GHG inventory report. Emissions from sources not covered by the EPA’s reporting rule were calculated using emissions factors from the Clean Air – Cool Plant Campus Carbon Calculator™ or emission factors developed for specific on-campus activities. The updated report replaces the original baseline inventory report published April 21, 2009.


2005-2007 Original Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Executive Summary

2005-2007 Original Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Full Report

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