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Vanderbilt Sustainable Lab Program

Vanderbilt sustainable lab PROGRAM OVERVIEW:

Due to their operational and safety needs, labs present unique opportunities to improve University sustainability. The Vanderbilt Sustainable Lab (VSL) program, an EHSS initiative in collaboration with lab leaders across VU and VUMC, helps the university reach its carbon and waste reduction goals.

The Sustainable Lab Guide provides guidance for laboratory members to reduce the environmental impact of their lab activities.

Vanderbilt Sustainable lab program participation:

In addition to using the Sustainable Lab Guide as a resource, lab members can participate in a voluntary sustainable certification program. By filling out the self-certification form, your lab team can achieve a sustainable certification to be used for outreach and recruitment.  

Your lab group’s level of certification (participant, bronze, silver, or gold) corresponds with the progress you have made toward the applicable Sustainable Lab Guide action items. The certification levels are as follows: 

  • Participant = below 50% progress
  • Bronze = 50%-64% progress
  • Silver = 65%-79% progress
  • Gold = 80%-100% progress
  1. Review the Sustainable Lab Guide
  2. Submit the Certification Form (preview the Sustainable Lab Checklist included in the form – the form should take you 15-20 minutes to complete)
  3. Receive a digital certificate to display your certification level in your lab and online
  4. Your certification is valid for three years, after which you will have to recertify to remain in the program – unless you want to recertify early to improve your certification level!

If you would like assistance implementing sustainable strategies in your lab or completing the checklist, peer advisors are available. Email for more information.


Certified GOLD Labs: 

  • (Lauren) Jackson Lab
  • Skills and Simulation Lab, School of Nursing
  • Spiller Lab
  • Lacy Lab
  • Zhu Lab
  • Cover Lab

Certified SILVER Labs: 


Certified BRONZE Labs: 


Participant Labs: