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Environmental Commitment Statement

In 2009, the Faculty Senate requested that the Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) developed an environmental commitment statement for the university. The EAC collaborated with more than 100 stakeholders throughout the VU community including faculty, staff and students to produce a succinct and targeted statement declaring VU’s commitment to environmental protection. The statement, after having been endorsed by over 300 members of the faculty, staff, and student bodies, was revealed publicly on Earth Day 2009, in conjunction with Vanderbilt’s baseline greenhouse gas emissions inventory.

Vanderbilt University Environmental Commitment Statement

Vanderbilt University is a local and global community leader committed to environmental stewardship, protecting natural resources, and enhancing quality of life while maintaining academic, medical, social, and economic productivity. Through proactive education, research, and outreach, we strive to:

  • Develop and transfer knowledge, increase awareness, and promote lifelong learning about sustainability best practices for the benefit of stakeholders who comprise the Vanderbilt community (students, patients, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors), as well as the broader Nashville, state, national, and global communities;
  • Achieve the highest standards of sustainability through a process of environmental responsibility and accountability at every level of University activity; and
  • Consistently implement, monitor, evaluate, and improve our process.

Download a color copy of Vanderbilt University’s Environmental Commitment Statement