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Undergraduate Student Account Balance Refund

Under state and federal regulations, educational expenses such as tuition and fees are to be covered prior to the release of any credit refund from loan proceeds. Therefore, if there is a balance due on your student account, all loan proceeds must be credited to your account before a refund will be issued. Click here for frequently asked questions regarding student refunds.

Students must be officially enrolled in courses and have a refundable credit balance after all tuition and fees have processed. Student Accounts will begin processing Spring 2024 undergraduate refunds on January 25, 2024. Please understand that refunds will be default to direct deposit if set up in YES. Direct deposit is the most efficient way to receive your student account refundable credits. If direct deposit is not set up, the student would be mailed a paper check through standard USPS to the home, mailing or campus address - in that order.

Please make sure your address is accurate. To update your address(es), please login to YES, go to your personal information section, and update the necessary information there. No refund checks will be held for pick-up.

You may also choose to have your funds deposited to your personal bank account via your YES landing page. Once logged in, click on the Direct Deposit icon to securely enter your account information. Please note, students are responsible for keeping their bank details valid to avoid any refund delays.

If your parent received monies from a Federal Direct PLUS Loan and you have no other financial aid, the refund check will be made payable to the parent who initiated the loan and the refund will be mailed to the address indicated on the loan application. If the borrower of a Federal Direct PLUS Loan prefers the refundable credit balance be sent directly to the student, the borrower must submit a formal written request via email to The Office of Student Accounts will accommodate accordingly as long as the authorization has been received by our office in a timely manner. Please note that these accommodations are not continuing in nature and must be initiated via borrower request at the beginning of each term.

If you prefer to have your credit balance retained in your student account, please email Student Accounts at

Charges that apply after a refund has processed will need to be paid on or before the next invoice deadline to avoid late payment fees.

If you need to replace a lost, destroyed, or stale-dated refund check you must complete the Replace Lost Check form.