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The Student Account

The Office of Student Accounts acts as a clearinghouse for various student charges and credits placed directly on a student's bill by several departments of the University. Any discrepancies in charges or credits should be directed to the appropriate department since the Office of Student Accounts does not have detailed records concerning many items that may appear on an invoice.

Due to certain federal regulations, any Vanderbilt University correspondence will be addressed in the student’s name to the billing address provided by the student. This includes any miscellaneous correspondence coming directly from or related to Vanderbilt University. E-mail is the primary medium for Student Accounts communications with students. Each registered student is assigned an official e-mail address by the University. It is very important that the student maintains and checks their e-mails and accounts regularly. Certain communications may be time-critical.

All billing notices will be emailed to the student's Vanderbilt email address and other payers who have enrolled for online billing. Online account access offers a secure way to view bills, make payments and review up to twelve months of payment information. Payers wanting to mail payments may print a payment coupon. Student Account E-Bills are updated the first of each month.

No transcript, official or unofficial, will be issued for a student who has an outstanding student account balance. Transcripts will be released when the account has been paid. Diplomas will be also be withheld until all bills are paid.

Fees and Charges