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VU Employee Student Account Access Forms, Video Tutorials, and Data Entry Due Date Calendar


Student Financials Access Request (PeopleSoft Campus Solutions and Oracle Business Intelligence)


Please make sure that all entry/entries processed are reviewed and approved by an individual who:

* has knowledge and understanding of the entry/entries;

* concurs with the preparer that the information being submitted is accurate;

* has reviewed, as necessary, the supporting documentation that is the source information necessitating the entry/entries be made; and

* is authorized to approve the entry/entries for submittal to the Office of Student Accounts for processing to the student's account.

* In addition, make sure someone in your department reconciles the ledgers each month. Be prepared that OSA may be requesting back-up documentation for batches entered into the SFS system via Group Data Entry or Graduate Awards periodically each semester.

FERPA Tutorial

View Customer Accounts

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Graduate Award Entry

Group Data Entry

General Navigation

Group Data Entry Due Dates

All charges made to Student Accounts through the Group Data Entry Screen must now have a due date entered. It is necessary to enter the due date only on the first entry of the batch.

Month Entered Billing Date Due Date
December January 1 January 31
January February 1 February 28
February March 1 March 31
March April 1 April 30
April May 1 May 31
May June 1 June 30
June July 1 July 31
July August 1 August 31
August September 1 September 30
September October 1 October 31
October November 1 November 30
November December 1 December 31