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Third Party Billing

If a third party (i.e. outside agency, corporation or State Prepaid Tuition Plan) will be paying all or part of your tuition and fees, and the third party requires a bill or invoice to be mailed directly from the Office of Student Accounts, a written authorization must be received from the third party thirty days prior to the beginning of classes. The authorization letter must be submitted to the Office of Student Accounts, PMB 401671, Nashville, TN 37240-1671 or by email to

The authorization must be printed on company letterhead and must contain the following:

  • Name of the student
  • Student’s Vanderbilt account number
  • Beginning and end date of sponsorship
  • Type of fees covered (tuition, health insurance, housing, dining, etc.)
  • Sponsor’s billing address
  • Signature of authorized official

Please note: The University also requires a Financial Information Release Form completed by each student requiring Third Party Billing. Download the authorization form.

The sponsor’s letter must also state that Vanderbilt University will be paid directly. Payments are not to be sent to the student.

Upon receipt of the authorization, a Third Party Credit will be applied to your student account and the Office of Student Accounts will bill your sponsor for the items they have agreed to pay. Sponsor invoices are generated after the course add/drop period each semester.

You are responsible for the items on the bill that are not covered by your sponsor. Sponsors are expected to remit payment within 30 - 45 days of the billing date of the invoice. If your sponsor fails to pay the agreed amount by the invoiced due date, you will be responsible for payment.

To prevent complications with registration and/or graduation, please check with the Office of Student Accounts to ensure that all invoices billed to your sponsor have been paid in full.

Examples of Third Party Payment Sponsors at Vanderbilt University:

Foreign Governments, State Prepaid Tuition Plans, U.S. Navy, Department of Health and Human Services, Coca-Cola Company, General Motors Corporation, Home Depot, Intel.