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Student Service Fees

All registered students are assessed Student Service Fees, which are set by the Vanderbilt Board of Trust and billed through the Office of Student Accounts as a single charge. These fees are mandatory and cannot be removed or waived.

The Student Service Fees support student co-curricular interests and events. The funds collected from the fee are allocated to various registered student organizations; Vanderbilt Student Communications, Inc.; student center facilities; athletics; and the operations, fields/facilities, and recreational programs of the Vanderbilt Recreation and Wellness Center (the Rec). For all students, use of facilities and participation in recreational programs or classes is on a space-available basis and subject to requirements, including operating hours, set by the Rec. Special student charges are assessed from some classes and activities, as well as for use of certain equipment.

Student Service Fees for graduate and professional students cover:
• Admission to Dean of Students office programs at special student rates, and use of student center facilities;
• Publications of Vanderbilt Student Communications, Inc., excluding The Commodore yearbook;
• Support of the Graduate Student Council;
• Use of the Rec’s facilities and recreational fields;
• Participation in intramurals, club sports, and wellness programs;
• Enrollment and participation in outdoor recreational activities; and
• Participation in recreational classes and workshops.

Vanderbilt Recreation and Wellness Center