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Timeline & Scope

SkyVU is comprised of six work streams: Oracle Applications Cloud, Business Process Mapping, Change Management and Training, Identity Data Management and Master Data Management, Business Intelligence, and Research Systems.



Oracle Applications Cloud

The Oracle Applications Cloud provides modern, integrated core administrative systems for financial, human resources and financial post-award grants management processes. The solution will transform how Vanderbilt collaborates in decision making and operational management. Unlike information technology projects that automate discrete processes, this strategic initiative employs technology to increase efficiency and tighten focus on the university’s mission.


Business Process Mapping 

The Business Process Mapping (BPM) effort on the SkyVU project is aimed at developing and documenting standard future-state business processes as part of the Oracle Applications Cloud implementation. Business process maps that come delivered with the Oracle Applications Cloud under various functional areas, such as Finance, HR, Grants, etc., are being adapted to Vanderbilt’s organizational needs and best practices within the higher education industry. This is an iterative process throughout the project lifecycle and a coordinated effort between the project team, application experts and Vanderbilt’s institutional subject-matter experts.

Along with process maps, the BPM effort also identifies roles and “actors” involved to complete the future-state process and highlights changes to current business practices. Working in conjunction with the Change Management team on the project, the BPM workstream identifies strategies to communicate these changes in a timely manner and enable adoption and acceptance of new business processes at all necessary levels of the organization. 


Change Management and Training

The Oracle Applications Cloud implementation involves significant changes not only to the business processes and systems but also to the university community at large. Managing change is key to preparing Vanderbilt for future changes and gaining support for the Oracle Applications Cloud and associated projects. The goal of change management is to return individuals and departments to a level of comfort, security and proficiency as quickly as possible through communicating accurate information in a timely manner.

The SkyVU project includes an active Change Network, featuring both Change Champions from across the university’s leadership and Change Agents, who provide direct guidance to their colleagues regarding changes to business processes.

Additionally, the SkyVU project maintains an active relationship with campus business process experts, who provide validation and clarity to the business process changes that will impact their various Vanderbilt communities. 

Training for the Vanderbilt community is a key component of the change management work stream. As the project moves forward, please check this website to find key information about training opportunities.


Identity Data Management and Master Data Management 

The goal of the Identity Data Management (IDM) project is to provide reliable, consistent, and secure information about affiliated individuals for use by IT systems and services. The new implementation will support a robust and manageable set of tools to regulate appropriate access at each stage of a user’s lifecycle and to reduce user access impediments while enforcing adherence to Vanderbilt policies. Along with an updated IDM approach, the SkyVU project team will implement Master Data Management (MDM). MDM will provide the ability to capture and integrate all person data coming from various systems and consolidate into one composite record of truth. Together, MDM and IDM will allow Vanderbilt to consistently and accurately identify all Vanderbilt constituents and provision appropriate system access.


Business Intelligence

The SkyVU Business Intelligence project will provide Vanderbilt University with a common and integrated platform for efficiently accessing data across all domains utilizing a strong set of BI tools.

In particular, SkyVU BI will:

  • Enable cross-domain reporting by seamlessly bringing together data from Human Resources, Finance, Academic Affairs, and Development and Alumni Relations
  • Equip end users with both proper tools AND optimized data sets for answering both strategic and transactional questions
  • Provide historical access to legacy HR and Finance data, as needed and as appropriate
  • Remove and eliminate all VU dependencies on SAP Business Objects and Tableau toolsets


Research Systems

Vanderbilt University is reviewing core research administration processes, including:

  • Proposal development (review, approval and submission)
  • Budget development
  • Agreement review and negotiations
  • Subcontract review and negotiations

The SkyVU team is assessing how current technology is used to support key research administration processes. The team is focusing on identifying opportunities to increase efficiency, decrease costs and reduce administrative burden. 


Facilities Management

Vanderbilt University is reviewing all facilities management systems and processes, including technology utilization, to identify opportunities to streamline and improve current operations. The organization intends to eliminate redundant systems, identify opportunities to optimize integrated technology solutions, and align best practices in pursuit of its goal to deliver exceptional customer service.