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Human Capital Management (HCM)


Gifts and Endowments


Human Capital Management (HCM)

A new staff (or VTS) hire need only enter his/her details into Taleo. These details, along with position details, are automatically imported into Oracle Cloud's Core HR module as a pending worker. An HCM specialist will review the submitted details to ensure completeness, add compensation details, and submit the transaction for approval. No duplicated data entry is required.

HCM specialists can affect changes to a user's assignment details, including reclassifications and new/additional assignments. For additional information, contact your HCM specialist. You can find an HCM specialist for your business unit on SkyVU's Local Resources webpage.

Depending on the type of missed pay, employees can directly enter the missed time for previous pay periods into Time and Labor or the HCM specialist will make corrections to the pay type with Oracle Cloud. Generally, the missed pay will be processed in the next scheduled pay period.

Oracle Cloud's time-off request system differs from our current month-end time off attestation system by allowing users to request in advance planned time off (e.g., vacation) and to enterunplanned time off (e.g., unexpected illness) retrospectively. When submitting time-off requests, employees will be able to see future accruals and other previously entered future-dated time off to forecast balances and to assist in planning their PTO. Upon submitting a time-off request, the system sends a notification to the employee's HR line manager for approval.

If you are an exempt employee, your PTO will no longer appear on your paycheck. You will submit PTO requests  using Oracle Cloud, and your manager will review and approve your requests. You will accrue PTO on the first business day of each month.

Enhancements include:

  • Onboarding for candidates
  • The collaborator feature to add individuals to the requisition
  • A streamlined requisition process for line managers/HCM specialist
  • A shortened/streamlined application process for candidates
  • Improved candidate workflow for the Talent Acquisition team
  • The elimination of paper e-PAFs for staff hires

HCM specialists will create new hire requisitions in Taleo, will see screened candidates, will confirm offer details and will schedule orientation for new hires. Line managers will have access to their requisitions in Taleo, can view their screened candidates and will work closely with the recruiter during the hiring process. The line manager and HCM specialist should collaborate to determine the timing of the tasks to be completed to ensure they are completed in a timely manner and to avoid duplication of work. Ultimately, each area is unique and must determine what works best for them.

Because faculty and student hires are not part of our Taleo job posting and onboarding process, these new hires will be entered directly by the work unit’s HCM specialist in Oracle Cloud Core HR.

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Undergraduate student stipends are managed by the Office of Financial Aid. For more information about initiating a stipend payment to a student, contact the Office of Financial Aid.

NOTE: Undergraduate stipends will be applied to a student's account, and any outstanding balances will offset the amount received by the student.

Graduate or professional student stipends (service-free payments) are applied to graduate or professional students by creating the appropriate HCM record in Oracle Cloud. HCM specialists (and certain line managers) have the appropriate system roles to initiate this transaction in Oracle Cloud HCM. Additional information on processing new graduate or professional student stipends is available in the Learning Exchange within the HCM specialists' curriculum.

Your business unit's HCM specialist will be able to hire student workers into Oracle Cloud. If your student holds an active position in another work unit, your HCM specialist will need to collaborate with that unit's HCM specialists or Student Employment. Students will enter their time directly into Oracle Cloud, and their respective line managers will approve their time cards. If a student has multiple assignments, even in different business units, the HCM specialists in either business unit and the Student Employment office will be able to see complete details of the student's employment with the university, including the hours worked under each assignment and in total.

A student will be allowed to submit an expense report directly in Oracle Cloud. If a student does not currently have access to Oracle Cloud by virtue of Student Employment or otherwise, an HCM specialist will be able to search for the student's account within Oracle Cloud for verification and then can add the student in a non-worker assignment to facilitate submission of expense reports. Student expense items are entered in the same manner as any faculty or staff expense item into Oracle Cloud. Students may need assistance in selecting the appropriate COA or POET strings to charge the transaction.

Student workers will enter their time directly into Oracle Cloud's Time and Labor module in the same fashion as any other Vanderbilt staff member assigned to a biweekly payroll. From the navigator, students will click on "Time" under the heading "About Me" and will complete the calendar-based time entries for the periods of time worked at or immediately after the conclusion of the time worked. Prompt entry of time ensures accuracy and reduces the risk that a student will erroneously under-report time worked. As a student worker, students are restricted in the total amount of hours they are permitted to work. Student employees' line managers, HCM specialists, and Student Employment will be able to monitor students' worked hours to prevent a student from exceeding the maximum permissible working time.

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Gifts and Endowments

HCM specialists and certain other system roles will be able to regularly run reports to determine an individual's labor distribution (cost allocation) and confirm with departmental leaders that this conforms with the individual's efforts. If you or a coworker begins working on a new or different project, or if your current project is coming to an end, you should notify one of your business unit's HCM specialists early and often so that prospective changes to labor distribution can be entered timely.

Generally, any employee (including student workers) can have a portion or all of their labor costs for an assignment charged to a project (e.g., gift). To charge labor to a project, an HCM specialist can submit a prospective labor distribution change for an employee's assignment, distributing a portion of the employee's labor costs to the respective POET.

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