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About SkyVU

In November 2015, the Board of Trust approved the initiation of a project to replace the university’s financial, administrative and research support systems. This project will transform Vanderbilt’s administrative processes and the underlying technology across financial, administrative and research support organizations by making each less complicated and more efficient, while consolidating system applications and mitigating risk.

Because of this project, the institution will be able to provide more robust services to the Vanderbilt community. With the separation of the Medical Center from the university, Vanderbilt has an unprecedented opportunity to invest in university-specific systems and processes that promote institutional goals outlined in the  Academic Strategic Plan .

The Oracle Cloud  product will replace a number of applications over time, including the General Ledger, eProcurement, DMS, eDog and C2HR.

Oracle Cloud

Some of the improvements the university plans to achieve through this project are:

  • Improved accuracy and availability of information. Dashboards will be available for easier access to real-time data, which will mitigate the need for sub-systems and departmentally populated spreadsheets.
  • New opportunities for staff to contribute to the future success of the university. By allowing access to the best information, improved decision-making at all levels of the university will be possible. This also will allow staff to spend less time searching for data or submitting forms and more time on critical business.
  • Modernized technology that will bring Vanderbilt up to speed on an administrative level with its peer institutions. The university currently operates on antiquated systems, some as old as 40 years. In order to align with the Academic Strategic Plan, Vanderbilt needs systems to support its operation as a top-tier university.


Executive Steering Committee

John Lutz
Vice Chancellor for
Information Technology

Eric Kopstain
Vice Chancellor for Administration

Susan Wente
Provost and Vice Chancellor for
Academic Affairs

Barb Carroll
Chief Human Resources Officer

Brett Sweet
Vice Chancellor for Finance and
Chief Financial Officer

Doug Horr
Associate Vice Chancellor
for Internal Audit