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FAQ for Student Organizations

New Policies

  • Students cannot use personal credit cards for purchases without advisor approval
  • Students must make copies of all transaction receipts to keep for their own records prior to returning the P card and the original receipts

Students who have been authorized to check out P-Cards, please visit the SJI AnchorLink Form Page > Click “Forms” on the left column > Select the P-Card Checkout form associated with your advisor (Dean Smith, Gregory Fontus, or Emily Hickey).

If you have difficulty accessing the hyperlink above, copy-paste the following link onto your browser:

If you have any questions or concerns please contact your advisor or Martha Harris at 615-322-6400 or .

There are 3 card readers available for all student organizations advised by SCSJI

Students may request the card readers by filling out this AnchorLink form.

If the link above does not work, copy-paste the following URL into your browser:

If the SJI card readers are unavailable you may try contacting other offices that have card readers, information on who to contact can be found here:

Attendance Tracking in Anchor Link:

To track attendance at your Anchor Link event, open the Event page and click the “Track Attendance” button on the right side.
(Remember: you must have administrative access to use this function)
When you track attendance at an event through Anchor Link, you will automatically capture not only the total number of attendees but the following information about each attendee:

First & Last Name
Campus E-mail Address
Preferred E-mail Address (if they have listed one)
Who tracked their attendance
Any comments provided next to the user’s attendance record

Attendance Can be Tracked in 4 Ways:
1. Swiping using an Anchor Link Card Reader
a. Click the “Card ID Entry” button at the top right of the Track Attendance Page
b. Card readers can be checked out through our office plus a variety of offices including Sarratt 301 and can be reserved on the Anchor Link home page

Click the “+ Add Attendance” button for the following three methods:

2. Invitations
a. If you used the invitations feature, you can simply go through and check Attended/Absent/Excused for each invited user

3. Text Entry of E-mail Addresses
a. You can enter Vanderbilt campus e-mails and indicate a user’s attendance status

4. File Upload of E-mail Addresses
a. You can upload a CSV or TXT file with e-mail addresses
To download an Excel spreadsheet attendance report, click the “Export” button on the right side of the Track Attendance page. This attendance record will be permanently accessible for your organization or office in the Past Events section of your Anchor Link group.

First priority for reserving this space after hours and on weekends for meetings goes to organizations advised by SJI. All standing reservations for meetings should be renewed each semester. To submit a request, please complete the Anchor Link form.

If the URL above does not work, copy-paste the following to your browser:

Inclusion Initiatives & Cultural Competence can display one advertisement at a time on the digital signs in Sarratt/Rand.

For student organizations that are interested in advertising through this medium, they should contact Kathryn Farkas or Jalen Blue a minimum of 2 weeks before they wish to display the advertisement. Ads must run for a minimum of 3 days. The JPEG or PNG format image must be 1920 X 1080 pixels (horizontal orientation) and be titled with both the organization’s name and the dates for advertisement (Ex. AASA_Feb1-Feb13).

For more information on creating an appropriate file for the digital signage please visit the following website:

First priority will be given to student organizations that are advised by Inclusion Initiatives & Cultural Competence.

5 Assessment Process Questions

  1. What were the outcomes that you set out to accomplish with this event?
  2. What specific assessment measures will you use to assess whether or not you achieved the outcomes of this event?
  3. Is there a form of assessment other than surveys that you can use to assess this event?
  4. When will you conduct your assessment (before, during, or after or after the event)?
  5. Once you have conducted your assessment, what will you do with this information? Where will you keep it?

*If you are using an online survey, you MUST go through Baseline. See your advisor regarding the process for conducting online surveys.


Business Checklist for Student Organizations

A month or more in advance


  • Time, Date, Location?
  • Vet and select vendors
  • Space Reservations and deposits (if applicable) for all on and off-campus spaces involved
  • Assessment Part 1: What type of Assessment will we conduct?
  • Vanderbilt Copyright/Licensing for any promotional materials
  • Service Agreements and W9 forms for everyone involved completed
  • Complete Protection of Minors (if minors involved)


At least 2 Business Weeks in Advance

  • Pcards requests made (for ALL orders, except those that require a name on card or Amazon prime shipping)
  • Assessment Part 2: Assessment method determined/assessment tool created
  • Ordering completed for all merchandise, food, other external deliverables
  • Complete request for digital signage with SJI graduate assistant
  • Complete requests for co-sponsorships from other student orgs


1 Business Week before up to the day of the event

  • Merchandise pickup
  • Assessment Part 3: Conduct/Complete Assessment


After the event

  • Follow-Up with your Advisor
  • Debrief event with your organization
  • Compile Assessment results